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2012 in review

Tried to play music to celebrate the heritage of Martin Luther King today. Artists such as John Patton, doing “Freedom Jazz Dance,” Oscar Brown Jr. doing the chilling “Bid Em In,” Max Roach doing “Tender Warriors,” and Marcus Shelby doing “Trouble in the Bus.” Other artists for the day were Art Blakey, Randy Weston, Charles Mingus, Christian Scott, Reggie Quinerly, and Gil Scott-Heron. 45 of the week was Bird’s Word, by the Last Poets. Archived until February 2.

hosted by Kenna

Miguel Vargas flies the Jet on tonight’s program!

1/17 in a nutshell…

Oooooh, we’re liking what we’ve done with the Opening Oldies Hour… still Jamaica-heavy, still ’60s-heavy, but with plenty of curveballs thrown at the plate: everything from 2Tone (which, after all, turns 34 this year!) to Spaghetti Western to That Ol’ Mooooon Stompin’ are livening up the mix. We even tossed in the Hollywood Bananas’ cover of an original 45 Sherwood discovered and opened his timeslot with. His set sorta kinda careened from a “colors” theme (“Green Eyes”, “Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White”, “The Moon was Yellow”, etc.) into a (largely instrumental) “talk” theme (“Say Si Si”, “Three Little Words”, “Gossipo Perpetuo”, etc.) until Harry Hosono blew the concept out of the water with “Galaga” and Shiina Ringo flew us all to heaven. Oh, and Charlie (who?) did the Cha Cha in Hawaii. In the Home Stretch, Agnes Loti dropped the “lollipop” imagery from a certain smash Millie Small hit with “C’est Toi Mon Idole” (I’m presuming she digs pop heartthrobs), after which a mostly 2Tone-era set took us to the 5@5… except there wasn’t one: 5:am kicked off an entire Skapanese hour of 13@5! The Land of the Rising Ska gave us Runa Miyoshida, Triple Slott, The Miceteeth, The Silver Sonics, Cool Wise Men, The King Lion, ARTS, Skapontas, The Determinations and The Oldtones. OMG, no TSPO??? We’ll get around to those guys next week, ‘right? Tune In… and Stay Tuned!

Mideast flavored jazz from Omer Avital and friends. Also a new release from Rupa & the April Fishes & preview of Fatoumata Diawara & Ballake’ Sissoko visits from Mali.

Author Joyce Nelson Shellhart won my show in a silent auction for the Banfield-Locke Center of The Arts in Fridley and came on the show today to co-host. She talked about her book: “Dress to Impress” and she learned how to be a blues DJ.
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2012 in review