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Episode #409 Luke Andrews of KFAI’s Temposphere takes control of the Jet!

6/6 in a nutshell…

This was a good week for back-to-backs in the “Ooh”… back-to-back Marleys (Rita’s “Pied Piper” and Bob’s “Judge Not”), back-to-back Roland Alphonsos (“Bali Hai” and “How Soon”) and back-to-back “Soon You’ll Be Gones” (by The Blues Busters and Steve Alaimo). Sherwood continued hearing double in the “Voov” with two apiece by Jimmy Giuffre & his Music Men and Piero Umiliani, and three by Raymond Scott (yep… triple!) as well as a pair of spaced-apart Ken Nordines. Also appearing twice is Shiina Ringo. In the Home Stretch, Miss Finland 1977 Armi Aavikko sang the Lollipop (in the early ’80s), the 5 were 7+min. stretchouts with the TSPO (featuring Hiromi!) clocking in mere seconds short at 6:56, and David Hillyard going long for 9:57. Want some great slow ska? “Don’t Forget” about SOJA, from their mostly-reggae Born in Babylon release. ‘Til next week, Tune In… and Stay Tuned!

A cloudy rainy day on the West Bank, opens with Mideast jazz from Third World Love. Then a set from Claudia Schmidt on her birthday. Lots of variety as the show goes down.

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Mulgrew Miller

Episode #408 The packing for Florida Mix otherwise known as the Bahi Hut Song – includes a really weird 13 minute opus from the Heller Corporation called Creative Freakout!