Tribute to Kevin Ayers (1944-2013)

A mixed bag of a day, with some music about/from Paris, a few vinyl cuts (for Record Store Day), and a couple of new releases. Music by Jack McDuff, Dexter Gordon, Count Basie, Freddie Hubbard,and Cyrus Chestnut. New music from Thesbe Vos, The Zacc Harris Group, Melton Mustafa, and a new release of a 1982 performance by Tommy Flanagqan and Jaki Byard.

Spring will be a little late this year…
with co-host: Yonci Jameson

Episode #402 – the “post pledge drive” mix Those calling into the show were not asked for money. (But hey, we’ll take it ANYTIME …)

4/18/13 in a nutshell…

This week, let’s fast-forward to the Home Stretch. 2 weeks ago, due to the lack of a 5@5:05, we promised skassengers a 5×2@5:05 the following week, which we didn’t actually deliver last week. So this week, we decided that the whole Home Stretch (except for the Mutant Frogs bumpers and, of course, of course, “The End”) would be Japanese ska, or as we like to say around here, “Skapanese”, including the J-Lollipop unwrapped by Mie Nakao, whose version of “My Boy” manages to liberally reference that other Lollipop, the one by The Chordettes. In a then-future century, an outfit called The Dreamlets would do likewise, but this week we spun their “Nina”, inspired as we were by Sherwood B. Funn’s unplanned airing of Nina Hagen’s delightful “Flying Saucers”. Another Home Stretch highlight: a hat-trick of Runa Miyoshida goodies, one each from her first three Ska Flavor albums, albeit not in numerical order. But back to Sherwood… Imagine Herbie Hancock’s vocoderized voice scatting along with Grappelli and Reinhardt over spaciously chilled trip-hop beatz, and you’ve pretty much got the gist of “Star Scat”, a truly hallounginogenic confection from electro-swingers Caravan Palace. Don’t worry, you’re just hearing things… and I’m spinnin’em! While in Sherwood’s orbit, Shiina Ringo gave us a current weather report (“Rain’s a-comin’ down, rain’s a-comin’ deaaownn…”) while Weather Report gave us Wayne Shorter’s “When It Was Now”. Seriously, as I type this up, rain’s still a-comin’ deeaaoowwnnnn… let’s make it fly back up as we reverse the flow of time and back up into the “Ooh”… what a well-rounded selection of fine old ska goodies we have here, ranging from Clue J. to Stranger & Patsy, from The Dragonaires to The Upsetters. No real theme except, “Ooh, I like this one… and this one… and hold on, we haven’t heard that in a while!” Y’know… wingin’ it. Tune in… and stay tuned!

2 interviews today…one with Rochester Minnesota blues diva Annie Mack…..who stopped by the show to talk about her newest CD project due out in May 2013.
Annie and her band are also 2013 contenders for the Road to Memphis IBC competition. I also had an interview with Reverand Raven who is coming to the Twin Cities to play at the Minnesota Music Cafe on Friday night April 19th.