Our President and his family are in Senegal this week…

Episode #412 – the Doc SuperSet (copyright Jet Set Planet)

6/27 in a nutshell…

Our attempt at a Treasure Isle label tribute in the “Ooh” ran off the rails when we misplaced some of our source materials, and To The Rescue came Decca (Jamaica’s Own Vagabonds), Caltone (Chuck Jacques and The Cool Cats) and even our own Skankworks/IMT (Mutant Frogs), and we were able to resume the Treasure tribute with the hot Baba Brooks cooler “Joe Snow Cone”. Just the kind of thing you want on a warm summer ska night: a “hot cooler”! Well, like they say… one foot in a bucket of burning coals, the other in a bucket of dry ice, on average you’re “comfortable” …so just who is this they, anyway?? Sherwood debuted a new Mutant Frog hatchling to kick off a “Planet” that careened from Sil Austin to the MJQ to the MFSB (and “TLC” at that!) More alphabet soup, you say? Try the double-shot of TSPO that preceded Caravan Palace (Tue. 7/2 the Cedar!) in The Home Stretch, which by the way led off with *Bad Manners'* doing the "Lollipop" arrangement lifted-from last week by Brazil's *Magazine.* We had a 55:05 consisting of ska bands from across the Pacific which don’t happen to be Japanese: Gerhana Ska Cinta (Malaysia), Spaceflower Show (Phillipines), Kingston Rudieska (South Korea), the Melbourne Ska Orchestra (Australia) and Jeepney Joyride (Phillipines again). Toss in some local action by The Prizefighters and The Dropsteppers and it’s all the more reason to tune in… and stay tuned!

SheBeats event Thurs. at the Fine Line Music Cafe featured with percussionist, Hope Medford and friends, in studio 4 in first hour. Also a preview of Femi Kuti’s return to Mpls. @The Cedar, June 26 – followed quickly by Amadou & Mariam on Friday, June 28. Check it out — great live music !

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A preview of some of the artists appearing at the Twin Cities Jazz Festival next weekend, including and Cyrus Chestnut and Matt Slocum, as well as music from a number of resident musicians appearing at the festival. This week’s 45 – Stormy Monday, by Junior Mance on Riverside, from about 1959-60.

Yonci’s big three + guests: Ella Sarah & Billie + David

Episode #411 – They just keep listening, and listening, and listening, over, and over, and over again!