Pam Hill and Terry Carter provided the morning music and news updates, respectively, this October morning. We featured a piece by Susan Gray on the Riverside Plaza complex in Minneapolis and the second installment of the Dakota War series. Among the music we heard was new music from Ozomatli from their kids album (!), Ellis from the compilation "We Love to Be Free: Songs in Support of the Freedom to Marry" addressing a timely subject and we discussed what the lyrics to Echo & the Bunnymen's "Do It Clean" could possibly mean.

Interview with Luverne Siefert and Michelle Hensley of Ten Thousand Things

It’s a one week pledge drive, but you can still pledge your support to KFAI and Rhythm and Grooves. Jana Nyberg dropped in to talk about upcoming gigs. I also played music from Johnny Hammond, The Jazz Soul Seven, Art Blakey, Esperanza Spalding, Bill Cantrell & Axiom, Tianna Hall, and Miles Davis. Today’s Single of the Week was I Believe in You, by the Gary McFarland Orchestra, from the early 60s.

Three Tough Guys! (Well really, just Carol Chaos and Me).

Guest, Bill Cottman, Host of Mostly Jazz