Opening today’s program with a quick review of this week’s concert by Jesse Cook at the Pantages…and fellow Canadian compatriot, musician Joni Mitchell.

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Steve Kenny came by to talk about The Illicit Sextet, their new CD – Chapter Eleven – and its release party at Jazz Central. Also played tunes by Shirley Scott, Beat Funktion, Ian Dogole, Cannonball Adderley, Ed Berger, The Session, and Mel Torme & the Mel-Tones. The 45 of the week was New Fhumba, by Miles Davis, on Columbia.

Everywhere is Somewhere

Episode #406 – the “I lost my shirt” mix
On this week’s episode: experience whiplash in the form of Minneapolis’ own Bebe Bardon courtesy of Alshire records; we visit with Old MacDonald and learn that he not only had a farm but one fetching helpmate as well; plus Jumbo Goes Latin, Percussion Goes Colour; and something Lively and Latin from Pete Moore. Finally, before the night is through, we go on a Bongo Date with Mike Pacheco and meet the Man from ORGAN – Dick Hyman.

5/16 in a nutshell…

The “Ooh” that got away! From us, anyway. A few wrong-disc/wrong-track/wrong-player errors culminated in the Opening Oldies Hour airing the brand-spankin’ new Caro Emerald/Lokee remix of “Tangled Up” which, fortunately, is a really cool tune! We got things back under our control ‘til a certain UFO from ’47 crashed into our playlist! Oh, well… it was piloted by our own Froggies, and gave us a chance to line up the rest of the “Ooh” which pretty much went off without a hitch. Sherwood then took us around his Planet with the sounds of Matt Wilson’s Arts & Crafts, Eddie Cano, Owen Bradley, YMCK and more, and the Home Stretch saw Brave Combo doling out this week’s Lollipop. The theme of the 5@5:05 was “Night and Day”, including the actual song bearing that title, performed here by After Hours. Bad Manners and Kingston Kitchen (twice!) also figured into that set. The pop/ska “Bang Bang Boom Boom” was by somebody named Beth Hart. She’s entirely new to us, but apparently her recording career dates back to the ’90s! Most of what she does is solidly blues/rock, but whatever she’s singin’, she’s put it over the top with everybody from Joe Bonamassa to Jeff Beck to Les Paul his bad self. Nice pop/ska number, by the way. OK, skassengers, the RSST has the week of the 23rd off to make room for KFAI to mount 24 solid hours of Native American programming, so Tune In… and Stay Tuned! Back in 2 weeks.

Lots of African sounds from the continent and the globe.

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