A mixed bag of old, new, vintage vinyl, CDs, and digital files for today’s music. Started with Kenny Burrell and Jimmy Smith, went on to Wayne Shorter, Miles, Gary Burton Quartet, Jeff Berlin, the Illicit Sextet, Nancy Harms, Gerald Wilson, and the Mack Avenue Super Band. Today’s 45 of the week was Fly Me To The Moon, by Sinatra & Count Basie.

Freedom Jazz Festival – August 24 at Martin Luther King Park – 40th & Nicollet Ave South Minneapolis

Episode #418 – Is That a 101 String Bikini You Are Wearing?

Inspired by the Omniversal Jam

8/8 in a nutshell…

Wow, we’ve got to start our spiel in the Home Stretch again, ‘cuz conspicuous by its absence this week is the 5@5:05… you know what that means, right, skassengers? That’s right, watch this space next week for TEN of something-in-a-row! In GotchaSKAvered action, The Dreamlets were once again responsible for this week’s Lollipop, but this time in their native Japanese. Now, how best to describe Mrs. Skannotto? Imagine the Mighty Mighty Bosstones at their boss-est, allowing more of the influence of jazz to infuse itself into their writing and arranging. The evidence? Songs like “Wage War”, for starters. You can hear it in the archive after The Selecter’s “Cool Blue Lady” (“The Selecter are coming to the Cedar on Sept. Friday the 13th! WHO SAYS Friday the 13th is unlucky???”) …d.j. cozy little). We also heard another coming-to-towner, the mighty Jimmy Cliff, acoustically at the KCRW session, doing his current hit “One More”. He’ll be bringing it!!! to First Avenue Thursday Sept. 19. In the “Voov”, Sherwood sure loves pourin’ those doubles. Jimmy Giuffre, Duke Ellington, Les Baxter, Sun Ra and Señor Coconut all got two spins apiece, as did the song “Mangos”, in which the Frank Comstock Orchestra backed Rosemary Clooney, and the Saito Neko Orchestra backed Shiina Ringo in a retitled “Papaya Mango”. And, “Ooh”, look way up at the top of the playlist… Cozy ‘n’ the Cap’n poured a Carlos Malcolm double! Now just to remind you of next week again, there WILL BE a 10@5:05… tune in, and stay tuned!

A pleasant summer day program with favorites and a tribute to Caetano Veloso, celebrating another birthday “hoje mesmo” — on this exact day !

Special Birthday Show…My actual day is Sunday August 11th…but I thought I’d celebrate on the air today with a few of my favorite tunes and artists.

Once again, I invited Mario Carrington into the studio as a guest DJ. He brought in music by the Crusaders, David Sanborn, Sonny Fortune, Coltrane, Cannonball, Stanley Turrentine, Wayne Shorter, Grover Washington, and Dexter Gordon. I brought in only one selection, by Denver saxophonist Aakash Mittal.