Jazzed Up and Bonkers!

7/11 in a nutshell…

An attempted RSST “Space Month” opening-oldies salute to everything from Roswell to John Glenn’s birthday to Neil Armstrong’s moonwalk (all July events!) got thoroughly derailed this week, but we still got in “Rocket Ship” (Tommy McCook), “Leave Earth” (Derrick Morgan) and “Cosmic Bust” (Col. Elliott & the Lunatics) in addition to Mutant Frogs bumpers like “Transkalactic”, “Interstellar Teakettle” and “Cassini at Titan”. Sherwood’s Planet fans got to enjoy a bit of the Frogs’ new “Jungles of the Galaxy,” in addition to a cumbia, titled “He’s a Tripper”, about galaxy-trotting musical astronaut Lee “Scratch” Perry (as well as original funkateer James Brown), performed by Australia’s Melbourne Ska Orchestra. They’re so good it’s sorely tempting to add the word “Paradise” to their name! Speaking of Paradise, Tokyo’s finest turn up in the Home Stretch with their “Hungry Beast”, right after another Oz act, the Unicorn-era Late Notes. The GotchaSKAvered Lollipop-of-the-Week was the work of Betka Stankova, echoing a previous decade’s version of “My Boy”, or in this case “Mne Se Libi Bob”, sung by Yvonne Prenosilova. The 5@5:05 went long (though no 8-minuters this time around) and was followed up by The Dropsteppers, by way of plugging their Nye’s house gig every Monday night. The Megalith band has a new EP dropping real soon… and you’ll here it here! Tune in and stay tuned… it gets spacier next week!

Another short review of the recent African Summer series at the Cedar – plus a few others – leads into a celebration of Brasilian musical giants and a couple tracks of Afro-Peruvian rhythms.

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Tribute to Bernard Vitet (1934-2013)

Summertime! with our “new best friends” Lynn & Johnalynn…

Episode #413 the midsummer Exotica special

DJ Danny Sigelman fills in for the voiceless Blanche

7/4 in a nutshell…

Jamaica’s Studio One house band the Soul Bros. were decades too early to have named their album Hot Shot in honor of the Granite Mountain fire crew who lost 19 of their 20 members battling the Yarnell blaze, but their loss is a loss for us all, so on went the title cut “Hot Shot” in their memory, to kick off this week’s RSST on a somber note, followed up by Bob Andy reminding us of what life could be. Roland Alphonso then picked up the pace with “Tall in the Saddle” and we were off to the races. The smart money was on Byron Lee and his Dragonaires taking “I Won’t Let You Go” for a track time of 2:13 for the win. Dawn Penn placed in second at 2:19 with “Why Did You Lie”, and showing up in third was Laurel Aitken, riding “Go Gal Go” to the finish line in 2:24. Emil Richards kicked off Sherwood’s Planet this week with his Stones calendar-album track “Ruby (July)” and Hal Blaine’s July tune will air next week. Steve Turre introduced our ears to Graciela Perez singing “Ayer lo vi Llorar” while George Russell and his orchestra went long with the 13:11 “Dimensions” from their Decca release Jazz in the Space Age. Quincy Jones and Benny Carter also displayed longevity with tracks from Journey to Next. Jones, Carter and Dizzy Gillespie are all represented by tracks on this Lightyear cd release of pre-existing music around which animated films were crafted, exactly the opposite of how a “soundtrack” usually comes into being. Sherwood hasn’t played Teebs in some time, but now that we’ve got Ardour in our collection, you’ll be hearing more of this guy, more frequently… space out! August Darnell, with his Aural Exciters, crafted one of the weirdest “Lollipops” we’ve ever heard and the Home Stretch kicked off with it. The 5@5:05 went Japanese, and locals The Dropsteppers, The Prizefighters and Umbrella Bed were hot on the heels. “The End” segued into absolute Madness (well, Dangermen) as the Morning Blend was having some trouble getting brewed on time this week… shame and scandal! And speaking of Madness, ain’t “Oui Oui Si Si… “ just the coolest? Tune in… and stay tuned!