Tonight’s episode of Jet Set Planet (Friday Aug 3) features

*a guy who arrives to the party With Bells On (no kidding, Sid Bass really does)
*a horn player who puts out a record showcasing songs about booze
(yep, that would be Pete Condoli)
*a real stiff hack named Lester Lanin who wipes off the Lanicaine
long enough to prove he’s not completely comatose (yeah that’s HIM
doing that amazingly arranged version of Up, Up and Away)

Plus sleazy listening from the Mystic Moods Orchestra, Brian Auger,
Ramsey Lewis Trio, and Ekseption (making their debut on the program).

8/2 in a nutshell…

“On the Beach” is two entirely different songs… and we’ve got ‘em both this week! What they have in common is that these are both toasted-over versions on straight-sung originals… one, saluting Studio 1 founder Clement “Coxsone” Dodd, is an Owen Gray shuffle with the mighty King Stitt riding the riddim on top, about 3 decades after the fact! The other is the far-better-known Paragons/U-Roy classic in which a beachcomber requests “one more box of Happs” (beer?) from the bartender. A WHOLE BOX? Remember, there’s a party goin’ on at this beach, and a pretty well-attended one if they’ve already gone through a box and want more_ I’m guessing our “beachcomber” is the designated gofer. The “Ooh” also had a pair of songs from Millie (Small, though she was marketed by just her first name in most of the world outside the U.S.) and songs from 2 Laurel Aitken & The Unitone 45s on I-Spy. Around Sherwood’s Planet, Mr. Funn spun Hal Blaine’s psychedelically percussive August selection, Vibrations (August), hot on the heels of one of Fred Katz’ “Folk Songs for Far-Out Folk”. Folk like , ummm, Russ Garcia’s “Goofy Peepl of Phobos”, perhaps? Throw in The Specials, Lord Sitar, Shiina Ringo, Janelle Monae and Lee Morgan, and you’ve got a party in orbit! The 3rd hour featured 4 from the “Doin’ the Popcorn Ska” series of 7” ep’s, the August GotchaSKAvered club selection “Phoenix City” (this week as done by skinhead pioneers Symarip), version 2 of “One More” (one more, get it?) from the new Jimmy Cliff album Rebirth, and a pair of twistin’ peas in a pod by Gary “U.S.” Bonds and the aforementioned Owen Gray, among other goodies. Now that’s juggling!

African Summer sampler… continues !

Had the day off. No play list.

Music for Bass

We hunt and peck through the back alley garage sales, we hit the antique malls out on the lonesome highways, we push past the perfume bottle collections of your local Estate Sales, and we slink through the wet and creepy basements of your local record stores – always on the look out for one dollar “super sounds.”

Tonight’s super sounds include tunes from the Baja Marimba Band, from the OTHER Ray Davies, from Skip Martin’s Video All-Stars, and from Gunsmoke’s Festus.