2/4/2010 Collective Eye

A celebration of Black History Month with music from African American musicians and composers William Parker, Wes Montgomery, Dianne Reeves, Lester Bowie, Adegoke Steve Colson, Pheeroan Ak Laff, and Joe Henderson.

2/4/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

A Bob Marley tribute (including mucho cover versions) wound its way through the first hour this week, alongside some recent acquisitions
and old faves. Sherwood kicked it largely old school in hour 2, and after a Ska-Jazz 4@4, a Lollipop under Ernest Ranglin’s name brought back the LOTW! Until further notice, Lolli is in re-runs until we amass a string of fresh versions… including Ranglin’s instro from the ’64 Millie session (out on Trojan this year, so I’ve heard!)

2/2/2010 Rhythm and Grooves
2/2/2010 Rollin' and Tumblin'

See playlist below.

2/1/2010 Jet Set Planet

Chicago Scores, Part II

*featured artist: Sven Libaek

1/30/2010 Mostly Jazz

The Jazz family’s peripatetic cousin Andy:https://www.kfai.org/user/23 pays a visit and gets the keys to the family car for the weekend! Joy Ride!!

1/29/2010 Fubar Omniverse
1/28/2010 Collective Eye

Interview with Carei Thomas Paul Cantrell with co-host Pamela Espeland. Bill Frisell’s music is also featured in tonight’s program.

1/28/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

The RSST gets blue… beat, that is! We open with a set that contains blue or blues in either the artist name, the track title, the record label, or all three! The bluest: Brigitte Bond the Blue Beats – Blue Beat Baby, on Blue Beat Records! Sherwood unearths a piece of KFAI history, playing Tea-A-Wanna-Whistle (the Little City In Space news theme) uninterrupted by yakety-yak for the first time in the 31 years the station’s been on the air(!) and Hour 3 features a Django-centric 4(+1)-in-a-row. Again we couldn’t scare up a fresh Lolli this week.