Lila Ammons was my guest in the studio today. We played some songs off her forthcoming CD, The Nearness of You. She’ll be having a CD Release Party at Hell’s Kitchen on September 27. Also played music from Grant Green, Steve Turre, Lester Bowie, Miles Davis, Gil Evans, The Atlantis Quartet, Cannonball Adderley, and Mauricio de Souza. The 45 of the Week was Magic, by the Count Basie Orchestra.

Episode #423: “The Lettermen Complaint Letter and 6 minutes that will change your life.”

9/12 in a nutshell…

By way of celebrating The Selecter’s Fri. the 13th appearance at the Cedar, the “Ooh” stepped about a decade-and-a-half out of character and blasted the show wide open with a set of classic 2Tone-era oldies, including one from The Specials’ BBC sessions which drops a colorful British expression meaning “good ‘n’ plowed”. Interestingly enough, The Home Stretch also included a 5(+1)@5:05 that consisted of bands whose names start with ‘P’. Honest, the connection only hit me after the fact! While we’re hop-skip-n-jumping through the playlist, let’s hit Sherwood’s long enough to note that Mr. Funn reprised his tribute to the late, great Little City in Space to commemorate the fact that The Echo Chamber’s Dr. Strangedub and our alter-ego d.j. babyswiss were mistaken by a caller for a couple of the Post-Void honchos responsible for launching the Little City into orbit all those decades ago. Which two, we’re not quite exactly sure… okay, truth be told, we haven’t the foggiest! We fondly remember the music, though… from the Satellite Singers (opening theme) to the Tokyo Happy Coats (“news” bed) to Henry Mancini (“sports” and “job line” themes), these tunes will never die so long as our hearts beat. Long live LCS (and live it does, thanks to online audio archives)! But back to business… Emil Richards’ calendar track “Sapphire (September)” figured into Sherwood’s playlist, and the Stretch shoved off with the second instro-Lolly in as many weeks. Oh, and the RSST’s intro is finally starting to morph to reflect the fact that we’ve been 2:-6: instead of 2:-5:a.m. for quite a while now!We just have to re-record our intro spiel now… tune in and stay tuned!

Summer concluding with a review of a few recent shows and a preview of fall highlights. Some comments on the 9/11 paradigm we still live under, as well.

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Melinda Anderson – guest host