Today on KFAI's Morning Blend, Siobhan Keirans provides the news and Mark Koerner brings the music. We'll have our regular Monday features – World Exposure with Cher Dial, and Story City.

There seemed to be a revolving door on the studio as three different sets of guests dropped by: Lulu’s Playground, with a CD release party at the AQ on the 11th & 12th; Pavel Jany and Robert Everest, with a world music show at the Cedar on the 9th; and Dorothy Doring and Phil Mattson, with a CD release party at the AQ on the 18th. Whew! Also played music from Greg Lewis’ Organ Monk CD, as well as Art Pepper, Russ Nolan, Vicky Mountain, and the 45 of the week: Chicken Giblets by Dizzy Gillespie from 1969.

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Episode #387 – The on-hold music of tomorrow – TODAY!

Miguel Vargas provides music, and Yvette Howie delivers the news on today's Morning Blend.

Features include Dollar Binge with Sabrina Crews, and reports on ice climbinb, snowbird etiquette and wind energy. 

1/3 in a nutshell…

Starting the Home Stretch, GotchaSKAvered reinaugurated the Lollipop-of-the-Week in high style, going back to the beginning_ Barbie Gaye’s 1956 original recording of “My boy Lollypop”, 8 years before Millie Small had a global smash with it. As you can hear, the backing band on Barbie’s version laid down the very rhythmic foundation of what would become Bluebeat and early Ska: shuffled drums, a driving 4/4 walk on the upright bass, and relentlessly clipped 8th-note upstrokes on rhythm guitar, doubled by the piano_ a true ska (pre-) history lesson. Watch this spot! We’ve got enough Lollipops to fill up an entire year, and we’re gonna follow through… ‘cuz it is, after all, the most-recorded cover song in the history of ska. GotchaSKAvered, indeed! The 5@5:05 gave us 5 Japanese ska bands we only learned of in the past week, including Skylarking, Cubetone and JJ Session. Leading up to The End are a tune each from Tune In and Stay Tuned (not in that order!), and, believe it or not, Jimi Hendrix and Adele_ ska-remixed by Bost & Bim for Pirates Records. Sherwood, meanwhile, has been picking up on how sometimes a vinyl record sounds as cool at the “wrong” speed as it does at the “right” one, and occasionally, a “Wrong-Speed Special” will be aired during Sherwood’s Planet. Tommy Dorsey, featuring his trombone guy Warren Covington, cut a Decca 45 of “Satan Takes a Holiday”, and it gets wrong-speeded this week. “Freaky (January)” is the psychedelically percussive Hal Blaine’s track-of-the-month, and a well-rounded selection of ska oldies from the ’60s to the ’80s, including a few Lost Decade tracks of the ’70s, made the “Ooh” a true hop-skip-and-jump affair. Tune In… and Stay Tuned!


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