8/1 in a nutshell…

The Dreamlets really had their way with their Boy Lollipop, recording the song in both English and Japanese, and in ska and rocksteady. This week, GotchaSKAvered brings us their ska version in English to kick off The Home Stretch. And speaking of English, Judge Dread, the Hotknives, Roy “Symarip” Ellis, Dionne Bromfield and Prince Buster figured in a UK-but not 2Tone 5@5:05. Prince Buster? Yup, it’s a side (“Wash Wash”) that the Jamaican legend cut in London with the Les Dawson Combo featuring a certain Georgie Fame on keys and produced by Blue Beat co-founder Siggy Jackson, who would go on to produce Blue Rivers & the Maroons. Between the Lollie-of-the-week and the “5”, The Miceteeth played “Them”, which was not a cover of the theme from the late ’50s giant-ants movie, but nevertheless way cool. Backing up into Sherwood’s Planet (watta collision!), Mr. Funn was dropping various works by Ken Nordine, YMCK, Teebs, and the Emil Richards August calendar track “Sardonyx” into his mix. Ooh, and was that a pair of ska oldies by suit & tie guys the Brooks Brothers? No, it was a pair of ska oldies from Jamaican ska duo The Brooks Brothers! We also heard an impossibly rare Ken Richards instrumental (he’s usually known as a singer), another instro rarity by Osbert Graham & the WIRL Orchestra, and a Ben Levy vocal number bearing the unmistakable rhythmic stamp of the recently-late Skatalites drummer Lloyd Knibb. That’s your RSST recap for 8/1… tune in and stay tuned!

Mali featured initially then on to Mauritania. Followed by a review of the new Badi Assad cd after her visit to the Dakota.

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Adam Meckler was my guest today, talking about his 18 piece big band and their new monthly residency at the Artists’ Quarter on the last Tuesday of the mongh. I also played selections from Larry Young, Miles, Herbie Hancock, and Babatunde Lea, as well as new music from Resonance, The Session, James Zollar, and Alex Snydman. The 45 of the Week was Namely You, by Gene Ammons.

guest host – Emily Krumberger

Episode #416 – The “I spent the afternoon at a Stoned Soul Picnic with the Man with the Harmonica, and road the Rollercoaster before meeting up with Captain Bacardi at the Namkok” mix.

7/25 in a nutshell…

This week, for the most part, the “Ooh” Crew leaves the space-themed tunes to Sherwood, and does he ever deliver! After a Tokyo Jihen fave, Yellow Magic Orchestra’s “Cosmic Surfin’” leads off an extended lunar jam encompassing selected works of Les Baxter, Eden Ahbez, Lydia Lunch, Lionel Hampton and Charlie Parker (with Strings, yet!), all with the Moon figuring into their titles, before Larry Coryell takes us to the end of the planet with “Planet End”. But lest you think we’re done with the Moon, here cones Lee Morgan with “Desert Moonlight” …but not before Ken Nordine takes us traveling through time! Traveling forward to the Home Stretch, Gerhana Ska Cinta’s Lollipop got-us-SKAvered and got us off to a fine start, the 5@5:05 were all Japanese instros, including tracks by 2 “Little” bands… Tempo and Elephant. We also had double-shots by 2Toners The Selecter (coming to the Cedar Fri. 9/13!!!!!) and The Specials. What’ll we get up to next week? Tune in… and stay tuned!

Latin flavored opening leads into the Sephardic. Blending shortly with Cabo Verde and other African countries, including Ethiopia, Egypt & Madagaskar. This program ends with two tracks from Joni Mitchell’s “Traveloque” and a preview of the Chicago AfroBeat Project.