Today’s show featured interviews from two performers. First up was a phone interview with organ great Joey De Francesco, appearing at the Dakota on Monday night. The second was an in-studio interview with Jana Nyberg and Adam Meckler of the Jana Nyberg Group, who have a CD Release party happening at the Dakota next Saturday. In addition to cuts from both artists, I played music from the Jack Brass Band, and Mike Longo. The 45 of the week was Joogie Boogie, from Dizzy Gillespie.

Great Expectations

Episode #434: Black Friday MUZAK and a Lenny Dee two-fer

11/28 in a nutshell…

Happy Skanksgiving and Gobble Gobble! The RSST Turkey Day Edition opened the “Ooh” with a set of food, drink, ‘n’ good-company-related oldies from down Yard way, including Bunny & Skitter’s timeless drunk-driving warning to “Mr. Chauffeur” that needs to be heeded whether or not it’s holiday season. By the time the Captain had “Chauffeured” us across space to Sherwood’s Planet, Mr. Funn had “Happy Big 3-5 Shiina Ringo, Pt. 2” waiting in the wings… but first, those wings! They included the infectious “Tak Boom” from Uzbekistan’s Yulduz Usmanova, as well as “Summer Sun”, Yukimi Nagano’s warm antidote to brain-numbing nighttime winter chill, found on Koop.‘s debut Waltz for Koop. Anna Calvi was also in the mix. Instrumentalists in the warm-up set included George Russell, Gary McFarland and The Raybeats. After the back-announce, it was Shiina time big-time! So, “where’s heaven?” as “Tengoku e Youkoso’s” official English song-title asks?… If you believe SR’s currently-disbanded Tokyo Jihen bandmates, it’s either in Tokyo Bay (in the parenthetically-titled “Tokyo Bay Version” heard here) or on the streets of Rio during Carnaval, if you go by the explosive samba groove that propels this jazzy arrangement straight into orbit. Waitaminnit: ORBIT… that’s a third possibility! This week, we also find Ringo in the company of her longtime orchestrator Saito Neko, glossy funk/fusioneers Tomita Lab, Takayuki Hattori & his orchestra (and being remixed by a certain Kobori to boot), and Soil & “Pimp” Sessions. By the time Sherwood was through, the Home Stretch was running 10 minutes late! Aaahhh, the Home Stretch… it was Laura Lee’s “Lollipop” this week, and at 5:05 we had ska (or at least ska-influenced) tunes by five Japanese outfits not known for their ska, including (Ringroll!) the Jihen version of “Mayonaka”, from the live Electric Mole dvd, plus a pre-Yasutaka Nakata Perfume, whose bouncy, steel-drum-happy tech-tone stomper “Kareshi Boshuu Chuu” was one of their first singles distributed only in and around the girls’ hometown of Hiroshima (and these days worldwide on the Web). We topped off the show with a set of 3 different funk outfits doing ska: Brick (the term “funksteady” popped into my mind when I first heard “Happy”), Captain Funk and Brooklyn Funk Essentials. Funk in and stay funked!

A mix of music today, with older tunes from Miles Davis, Randy Weston, Milt Jackson, and Charles Earland, and newer music from Erena Terakuba, Gary Burton, George Collegan, Chris Parker, Bill Carotthers, Gary Smulyan, and Nancy Harms. The 45 of the week was Come Bak to Sorrento, by the Stan Kenton Band.