5/25/2010 Rollin' and Tumblin'

The recent summer heat in the Twin Cities reminded me of the days of summer in the 1960’s ’70’s, when I was younger. Those summer times had a sound track that I tried to duplicate with this show.

5/24/2010 Jet Set Planet

It’s our last Monday night here on Jet Set Planet. That’s right, we’re packing up all the crates of vinyl, the 45s, the compact discs, the downloads, and we’re moving to Friday nights at 9 starting June 4th. So tonight, it’s time to celebrate our last Monday of Jet Set Planet. And what a way to celebrate — we’re not playing records from the dollar bin, no sirree. We’re playing records but from the .50 cent bin! We’ll sample the Explosive Vocal Percussion(?) of Myrna March, the African Sounds of Carl Stevens, the Bongo instruction expertise of Jack Burger, and the production library prowess of the Glen Somers Orchestra. PLUS your gonna enjoy an extended double set of tunes from the adult cinema of the early 1970s near the end of the program.

5/22/2010 Mostly Jazz
5/21/2010 Fubar Omniverse
5/20/2010 Collective Eye

A musical tribute to pianist and composer, Hank (Henry) W. Jones with musicians Artie Shaw, Ella Fitzgerald, Abbey Lincoln and Charlie Haden.

5/20/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

This time ‘round, no sooner does the Rocket Ship clear the launch pad than we honor a request from the previous week that we didn’t have with us at the time… Desmond Dekker’s This Woman. You’ll recall that we did a mini-Ska Women set instead, including a live Bodysnatchers cut. Anyway, Hour 1 also saw Joanne Dennis, The Soulettes, and Mamie Perry (unrelated to Lee Scratch, btw) make appearances. The expansive epic cut BabopbyeYa from the new Janelle Monáe album was one of THE soaring highlights of Hour 2, and more fun(n) was to be had as Russ Garcia musically imagined water creatures from Astra, and vintage sax honkers Tab Smith and Earl Bostic delivered 2 entirely different tunes called Mambolino. ’60s ska from outside Jamaica made up the 4(+2)@4 which incorporated a Lollipop rerun from Brazil by Wanderléa Cardoso with Renato his Blue Caps, and back-to-back Specials and Slackers cuts help us to imagine Mr. Tragedy quite possibly enjoying himself… just not first. It’s later than we think as we have to short-fade SKAndalous’ Lithium cover to make room for The End. At least it’s by the same band… now where’s that pale horse? We’re off!

5/18/2010 Rhythm and Grooves

A Good portion of the show was dedicated to the music of Hank Jones, who passed over on Sunday.

5/18/2010 Rollin' and Tumblin'

See Playlist Below.

5/17/2010 Jet Set Planet

You thought you were getting “A Night Out with Raoul” but instead you ended up with a poorly recorded, pedestrian version of “Frere Jacques.” But what do you expect from a CROWN record?