11/21/2009 Mostly Jazz

Johnny Mercer’s Lyrics

11/20/2009 Fubar Omniverse

WAKE UP! It’s the Seasonal Affective Disorder Survival Show!

11/19/2009 Collective Eye

Recorded interview with Cuban born percussionist Dafnis Prieto and featured music from his Taking The Soul For A Walk. Other artists heard include Peter Apfelbaum, Manuel Valera, Henry Threadgill, Roy Haynes and Jerry Gonzalez.

11/19/2009 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

We played a red-hot corker of a Mighty Vikings tune on the Wincox label called Running Water, right after Vienna Woods early in Hour 1, in a set that careened into TSPO founder Asa-Chang’s Blue Hats big band somewhere near the :30 mark.
Sherwood B. Funn kicked his orbital Voovie Doo Lounge into overdrive with Bobby Sanabria, and threw in some old-school Kenton to boot! Shiina Ringo, Earl Bostic and other fine artists peppered the rest of the hour in high style. The 4(+1)-at-4 went Skapanese starting with another Ringo gem, and this week’s Lollipop was sung by a certain Maggie Mae! Nobody that Rod Stewart knew, of course… this girl was quite wiiiide awake, thank you! Oh, and by the way, that makes 3, count’em, 3 mixed English/German versions! Jawohl!

11/17/2009 Rhythm and Grooves

Nancy Harms dropped by to talk about her new album In the Indigo. Also played songs written by John

11/17/2009 Rollin' and Tumblin'

Taking the A-Train from Blues Alley to Soul Street today, with short stops on Funk Avenue and at the intersection of Jazz and Soul.

11/16/2009 Jet Set Planet

Bob Barker meets Shaft in Africa

11/14/2009 Mostly Jazz
11/13/2009 Fubar Omniverse

All These Things