5/15/2010 Mostly Jazz
5/14/2010 Fubar Omniverse
5/13/2010 Collective Eye

A tribute to the great Lena Horne, brilliant singer, actress, and pioneering civil rights activist. New releases by John Stein Ron Gill, James Zollar, Allison Miller, Cindy Blackman, Tia Fuller and Pharez Whitted.

5/13/2010 Rocket Ship Ska Trip

An unusually short opening oldies set this week, morphing after the first bumper break into a Transcontinental (thanks, Nails) global skankdown shindig happening everywhere from Tokyo to New York to London before we arrive across the galaxy at Sherwood’s orbital flying party palace to witness the Birth of a Planet ( Russ Garcia delivering the aforementioned healthy bouncing bundle of mountains, oceans and unstable weather). Later in Hour 2, a Melancholy Baby named Kedaco is born (delivered by Little Tempo. Witnesses include chanting weeds, mad Russians, and a jazz DJ named Garrity, among others, all grooving to the El Ovni Mambo. Hour 3 signals a 4(+2)@4 from Top Deck, most of it reissued on West Side. Ernest Ranglin and Alana Davis double-team this week’s Lollipop-in-reruns, and in place of a request ( Desmond Dekker’s This Woman, which we simply didn’t happen to bring this week; see next week) how about these women?… Shiina Ringo, Chara and The Bodysnatchers! After we pass Orion (and The Busters) on the homestretch, we get a Jump Start from the Forest Hillbillies. Hey, they had the cables… va-rooommm!!!

5/11/2010 Rhythm and Grooves

A mixed bag of music for this evening, from the opener of Jimmy McGriff doing an Al Green tune, to new music from Christian Scott, Brazilian music from Kenia, and great tunes from the Stein Brothers, Dexter Gordon, Dinah Washington, and more…

5/11/2010 Rollin' and Tumblin'

See playlist below.

5/10/2010 Jet Set Planet

Join Crate Diggers anonymous today! (It’s for your own good.)

5/8/2010 Mostly Jazz
5/7/2010 Fubar Omniverse