1/10 in a nutshell…

A set of some of ska’s best non-Jamaican oldies kicked off the “Ooh” this week, led by Cyril Stapleton’s band backing Chris Farlowe & the Thunderbirds (“The Beazers”) doing The Blue Beat. We also threw in some Lost Decade stuff by artists like Zap Pow, Vin Gordon and Gichy Dan. When we got to Sherwood’s place, a pre-Tennessee Birdwalk, Joe Meek-obsessed Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan (a.k.a. “Jacqueline Hyde”) were waiting for us, inviting us to run away with them_ which we did, through a sonic landscape peppered with weird-era Ferrante & Teicher (think “Soundblast”), Milt Raskin, Arthur Lyman, the Dusk ‘til Dawn Orchestra (conducted by the one and only Mort Garson who we’re seriously gonna have to do a tribute to one of these weeks), “Knuckles” O’Toole (doing a cha-cha!) and the Art Of Noise, among others. In the Home Stretch, Millie Small had the GotchaSKAvered Lollipop-of-the-Week in mixed English/German, the 5@5-past-5 featured tracks from Jump Up-label compilations, and Graham Reynolds and his Golden Arm Trio, augmented by horn section, fired up the ol’ Miracle Machine. ‘Til next time, Tune In… and Stay Tuned.

Sons of Soul

Part of the fabulous Hammond B3.

SEE THE VIDEO HEREhttp://youtu.be/H4HIrD5qtpk  Sons of Soul – "Get Out of My Life" & "Ride That Train". 

More leftover highlights of 2012 of the Latin variety along with a preview of upcoming shows Meklit Hadero & Omer Avital.

Continued to celebrate my radio anniversary today….been on the air at KFAI for 19 years and played music today to reflect what I thought was my “BEST-EST” discovery after all this time….and that was the blues of the Ladies of Chicago…the ladies of Blue Chicago( and the men who accompany them in recording sessions and on the road). They work, live and are headquartered there in the Blues City and their music has become my inspiration and my joy for the last 19 years. See play list below

Janis Lane-Ewart of KFAI's Collective Eye provides the music, and Bob Hines delivers the news on today's show.

We'll hear from Minnesota legislative leaders and Capitol Correspondent Marty Owings on this first day of the 2013 Legislative session.  We'll also hear the latest installment of the Lake Superior Project from community station WTIP in Grand Marais, and get our weekly moment of purposeful nonsense from the staff of KOEH in Dipperville. 

Today on KFAI's Morning Blend, Siobhan Keirans provides the news and Mark Koerner brings the music. We'll have our regular Monday features – World Exposure with Cher Dial, and Story City.