11/7 in a nutshell…

This description is gonna start from the middle and work its way out, ‘cuz wheeeeee, your weird uncle Sherwood’s been waitin’ a l-o-o-o-o-n-g time to get his hands on this… Tokyo Jihen, minus the voice of Shiina Ringo, and augmented by flute, vibes, and full-on hard-driving Brazilian carnaval samba rhythm, tearing through “Tengoku e Youkoso” (Tokyo Bay version) like the whole darn graveyard just woke up and took after ‘em! (“Tengoku… “ of course is Jihen and Countess Ringula’s vampire-themed Halloween staple we like to break out every year). Moving forward, Ringo herself chimes in two songs later with Sanmon Gossip’s big-band tour-de-force “Tsugou no ii Karada”. Stepping back, we had a space-themed set, pouring doubles by Frank Comstock, Russ Garcia and Les Baxter. Leaping into the Home Stretch, Amy Winehouse’s goddaughter Dionne Bromfield sang the Lollipop this week, the 5@5:05 all came from Ska’s Lost Decade, and Giuliano Palma & the Bluebeaters (might as well) “Jump”-ed. Oh, the “Ooh”! The mysterious Tammy (Who?) did a certain Byron Lee cover made famous among beach-movie fans by Annette (no “who?” necessary here!) Among other goodies, the Soul Bros. went “Searching for Weapons” and a young pre-Wailers Robert Marley had “One Cup of Coffee” …and I’m gonna go have some tea. Tune in, and stay tuned!

A Middle Eastern musical variety mix – from Montreal, Morocco via the UK, & Israel in the first 40 mins. That is followed by a three song set by Toronto’s Kobo Town for a new calypsonian poetry/activism. Then we hear a two song selection from Ethiopian retro group from Boston’s Berklee School of Music, Debo Band, who recently played the Cedar Cultural Center. Then the highlight of the show — a first listen to an exclusive interview with Oliver Mtukudzi, superstar from Zimbabwe, Southern Africa — conducted by Minna Zhou who joined me on today’s Global Beat.

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Percussionist Ray Rivera was my guest in the studio, talking about the November 9 tribute to Tito Puente by the JazzMN Orchestra. We played a couple of Puente’s tracks, including a sizzling version of Take Five. I also played newer music from Joey DeFrancesco, Ahmad Jamal, Tianna Hall, Lynne Arriale, and Kanji Ohta. Dipped back in history for tracks from Wes Montgomery, Illinois Jacquet, and the Two Franks: Frank Foster & Frank Wess. The 45 of the week was All of Me, by Count Basie, from the mid 60s.

Episode #430 Green eyeliner and other delights

Sorting through the Halloween Candy and a salute to Lou Reed with plenty of back-catalog gems, with Travis Ramin.

10/31 in a nutshell… Happy Skalloween!!!

Jumbies, ghost riders, Frankenstein, Dracula (and a she-Dracula at that!), drunk first mates, devils (and their daffodils!), Martian giants (and their guns)… and cannibal schoolkids who think Santa Claus is “good enough to eat” (how’s that for a Nightmare Before Christmas?!) more Skalloween fun than a barrel of flying monkeys on this week’s RSST… plus there was a whole lot of voodoo goin’ on onboard the Voovie Doo… 23+min. worth of Perez Prado, plus later on, some Tubby Hayes (as “Biff Bailey”) from “Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors”. Voodoo aside, Sherwood also had Count Slapbackula, the Devil’s daughter, a spider plant, visitors from both Mars and Venus, and dancing skeletons on offer. The Home Stretch launched with two Lollipops, one under Ernest Ranglin’s name (ft. the voice of Alana Davis) and one we’ve heard before… our weirdification of a horribly low-bitrate mp3 of the La Famille Staunton take, featuring the voice of a then-9-year-old Beverley Staunton. There actually was a theme to the 5@5:05 this week… ska tunes that had absolutely diddly-squat-all to do with Halloween! We also had cuts from the Skannibal Party series and something from our pick for the OFFICIAL album of Skalloween: “It Came from Six Feet Deep” …it came from 1997. Tune in… and stay tuned!