Episode #426 “Peter Wyngarde, Julie and Me.” Featuring an explanation of what really happened after Jenny kissed him AND a tribute to John Doremus’ “Patterns in Music.”

10/3 in a nutshell…

A rather bizarre question… what if what we refer to as “3rd-wave” ska had accidentally been invented a full decade before the birth of 2Tone by a British prog/fusion horn band? The result might have sounded something like our opening number from way back in ’69, Galliard’s “Pastorale”. Pay close attention to the rhythm guitar to hear what I mean! Sherwood’s Planet got off to a “Funn” start with m-flo/Nomiya Maki/Crazy Ken Band samba delight “Cosmic Night Run”. The Home Stretch had Swedish dance band Jontez saxophoning their way through an instrumental Lollipop, the 5@5:05 were all ska Beatles covers, including one by The Skeatles, and we had a double-shot of The Selecter, a newie and an oldie. Though String Theory already sounds like an old friend… we’ll still be grooving to that one when it reaches Bullet or Pressure’s current age. ‘Til then, tune in… and stay tuned!

Opening today’s show with a review of two recent bands of the Global Roots Festival at the Cedar… and some more Buena Vista Social Club All-Stars. At 12:30 I have a local expert on Affordable Healthcare with a special opportunity to share with us at the beginning of the discussion around MNSure options. Take a listen – you might get a new perspective from the dialogue ! I end the program with some Vinicius Cantuaria, Brasilian musician coming next week to the Dakota on Tuesday October 8.

See playlist below of all live tunes

Patti does noise.

Thanks to J. Otis Powell for sitting in while I was on vacation. He played a mix of instrumentals and vocalists, including numbers from Coltrane, James Carter, Lester Bowie, and Miles, as well as songs by Melody Gardot, Vijay Iyer, Kurt Elling, and Gregory Porter.