1/23 in a nutshell…

We mashed it in the Ooh, discovering Roland Alphonso’s “Full Dread” 45 with the Skatalites (or, as the record’s label would have it, the “Ska-Ta-Lites”) along the way. When “Mr. Hops” drove us into Sherwood’s Planet, Mr. Funn responded with Ferrante & Teicher gone disco, into Emerson Lake & Palmer. And only in Sherwood’s universe does Stan Kenton collide with YMCK and Giorgio Moroder (a.k.a. “The Beepers”)! But now let’s get to the Home Stretch… the funniest “Lollipop” we’ve played since, I dunno, the Aural Exciters… was by Quebecer Jacques Desrosiers. He’s also the first French-Canadian whose “Lollipop” (here titled “C’est Toi Mon Cibole”) we’ve aired since La Famille Staunton. “Phoenix City” was occupied by Prince Buster this week, and he chased out a certain “Ringo” on his version… we’re pretty sure it wasn’t Ms. Shiina or Mr. Starr! But speaking of the latter, his old band The Beatles got the All-Ska treatment for the last hour, starting with… 3 by The Skeatles! Ringo Ska followed up, as did ARTS, Ernest Ranglin, The Skatalites, Skapontas, …oh, and let’s not forget Giuliano Palma & the Bluebeaters. It was pure Skeatlemania and then some! It’s on the archives for the next 2(+?) weeks, so enjoy… ‘til next time, tune in and stay tuned!

A review of the Dakha Brakha return visit followed by a Santana set, then Johnny Ventura from the Dominican Republic ! Why stop there – let’s go on to South America for Atahualpa Yupanqui on the anniversary of his birth – a cover of one of his songs from Seattle-based Correo Aereo and 3 songs from Milton Nascimento’s Txai – his Amazon tribute cd and Vinicius Cantuaria from Manaus, Brasil !

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