Summer concluding with a review of a few recent shows and a preview of fall highlights. Some comments on the 9/11 paradigm we still live under, as well.

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Melinda Anderson – guest host 

Episode #422 – Route 19 – Sun Prairie to Oconomowoc: Music from Little Amerricka and other tunes from the Land that Time Forgot

9/5 in a nutshell…

I can’t do the Ska… and he can’t do the Blue Beat… so you do it! Now do it some more… and more… and now this time with bongos! THAT was the highlight of the “Ooh” this week, as delivered by The Zodiacs, Dinah Lee, Mark Thatcher, Graeme Summers and the Rockin’ Rebels. Mr. Funn aired what we thought was a lost (read: gone from YouTube) Shiina Ringo/Saito Neko collab, “Marunouchi Sadistic” big-band style, on the telly_ “NHK Songs” to be exact. Glad it was there! “Big” Jim Sullivan was in full Lord Sitar effect on “Emerald City”, and Hal Blaine got us going by being “Soulful” for his September calendar-album track. “The Lollipop” was quite late this week, but well worth waiting for… Ljiljana Petrovic doing it as “Moj Decko Lilihip”. We did a 5(x2)@5:05 simply by pouring doubles, and we got to hear Skye’s version (from Sound Soldier) of the Armstrong/Sweetnam collab “Into Action” …followed up by Tim’s version from A Poet’s Life. They sound great together, I think! Well, that’s all for now… tune in and stay tuned!

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