Roberta Gambarini called in to talk about her Monday night show at the Dakota. I also played music from Craig Yaremko, Thelonious Monk, The Cannonball Adderley Sextet, Yusef Lateef, Zacc Harris Trio, Wes Montgomery, Eddie Palmieri, Billie Holiday, and Lester Young. The 45 of the week was Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You, by The Johnny Hodges Orchestra.

Episode #439: “In EZ-Listening parlance, ‘Venga’ means ‘I need a shower while this flutey guy is playing’.”

Buried Treasure

1/2 (post New Years’) in a nutshell…

OMG, we forgot to play HEPCAT!!! Oh, well, at least Echo Chamber remembered, when it was actually New Years’ Day. To quote from Hep’s Scientific song “Country Time” (got nuthin’ to do with lemonade, btw)… “It was after midnight had come, that the New Year had begun… “ so, if you’re playing along at home, and Hepcat’s holiday classic isn’t on your record shelf, it is on You Tube. Check it out. Crikey, we were even thinking of opening the show with it, too! Oh, well, next week… during Eastern Orthodox Christmas, I believe. Here’s what we didn’t forget: to continue airing our no-repeat collection of “Lollipops” until we run clean out! This week, we had the feisty then-13-year-old Norwegian Jannicke Abrahamsen from her Jannicke 2 release on Busk, from 1991. Running concurrently with the Lollie, GotchaSKAvered has risen the “Ska Cover-of-the-Month Club” from the ashes, appropriately re-inaugurating the feature with “Phoenix City” for all of January. Original moonstomping skins Symarip played the tune this week. Now, has Japanese techno uberproducer Yasutaka Nakata been bit by the ska bug? Perfume’s Nakata-produced “Clockwork” from Level 3 was augmented live on-air by our very own Captain’s vocal percussions, albeit very subtly, blending in with Nakata’s prominently offbeat keyboard (or laptop?) upstrokes, so as to make Mr. Freetime’s chikitups barely audible in the mix. So, you be the judge. Anyway, “Clockwork” completed a revision of the set of “sorta-ska-from-outside-the-scene” we did a few short weeks ago. We had stragglers that weren’t on last week’s Ska 2013 Roundup, a winter-weather advisory from The Dualers (you know the one), and during Sherwood’s Planet a delightfully wacky Kyary Pamyu Pamyu-produced (not Nakata as we’d speculated on-air) instrumental cover of “Take Me Home Country Roads” (yes, John Denver’s!), from an entire album of Kyary-produced (and Ghibli-tied) instrumentals! Who knew? (not us!) A Hal Blaine/Emil Richards “January” mix also made Sherwoood’s, as did Jacqueline Hyde & the Moonfolk and, of course, we had an “Ooh” in the first 1hr:20mn. So Happy New Year from the RSST on KFAI. Keep on tuning in, and staying tuned, and we’ll ya up overnight where the skaffeine flows freely. Later!

Time to get new calendars, cherish the old and welcome the unknown ! Happy New Year — to all, yet it was dampened by a large fire on the West Bank burning up Cedar Ave. during the program.

Welcome to KFAI’s New Year’s Eve Dance Party for 2013. The following playlist was designed with a party in mind.
Hope you went swinging, strolling, bopping, twisting, bumping and lindy-hopping into the new year!

It was a bit of an end-of-year review of CDs released by Twin Cities’ musicians, with the exception of an opening track by Larry Young. I played music by Peter Kogan, Lulu’s Playground, Jana Nyberg, Pippi Ardennia, Larry McDonough, Dan Musselman, Maud Hixson, Joel Shapira, Dorothy Doring, the Illicit Sextet, Nancy Harms, and Foreign Motion. I closed off with a song from the late Christine Rosholt.