Episode #399 Carol Chaos selects the music while Glen suffers from Vertigo, nods off from the pills the Doc gave him, and basically pushes the buttons.
Includes a SuperSet from Lenny Dee and a Paul Horn LP from deep within the vinyl ripening chamber! Ripe, under-ripe or OVERRIPE. You decide!

(3/28 in a nutshell… )

Both the Cap’n and Sherwood played The Checkmates this week! But, it was two completely different “Checkmates”! The Jamaican Studio One 45 of “Train to Soulville” was released as both “The Check-Mates” and “The Checkmates”, while the SE Asian guitar band that recorded “Sylvia” for Philips remained hyphen-less… ‘scuse me, that should be “hyphenless”. We also heard Bob Marley back when he was Robert, from a pre-Wailers Beverley’s 45, and Frederick Hibbert, pre-“Toots” and pre-Maytals. Sherwood got his mitts on a wonderful (or should we say “wanderful?”) 2-discer from Walter Wanderley from which he played a couple. Other 2fers included Singapore’s All Star Orchestra and Trinidad’s Joey Lewis Orchestra. In the Home Stretch, The Selecter reinvented “My Boy Lollipop” as a ganja anthem for the 2Tone generation, and the theme of the 5@5:05 was “Tune In… and Stay Tuned”. Well… do!

Follow up to Ana Moura’s 2nd visit, along with a tip of the hat to Bajofondo. Stand by for pledge drive coming the next two Wednesdays on Global Beat ! Pledge NOW !

Interview with Texas blues woman Sweet Mama Cotton aka Marcy Rae to talk about the blues scene in Spring, Texas where she called in from. That’s about 20 miles north of Houston. We also talked about her new CD “Suh-WEEET” on 100% Cotton Record label. For more about Marcy, go to: marcy@sweetmamacotton.com.

I played about a half dozen songs highlighting the compositions and playing of pianist Bud Powell, including tunes by Art Pepper, Triplicate, Miles Davis, Kenny Clarke, and Dizzy & Bird. Also played music from Charles Kynard, Monk, The Atlantis Quartet, Mark Winkler, and the SF Jazz Collective.

Episode #398 Glen Returns and plays with Sharks, gambles on Montezuma’s Revenge, and rides the Kona Tide!