A big thank you to Cory Washington for subbing while I was on vacation. He played an intriguing mixture of music, including some Latin, Caribbean and African sounds, as well as progressive music from Eric Dolphy, Sun Ra, Archie Shepp, Jimi Hendrix, and Charles Mingus.

Episode #424 Flaming Strings AND Blazing Brass

9/19 in a nutshell…

Ooh, did we play a solid hour of recent YouTube finds this week? Not really, as we’ve definitely mixed Jimmy Cliff’s “Miss Jamaica” into his sequel “Miss Universe” on these airwaves before but we had a nice batch of RSST debuts this week. Including, from the short-lived US ska craze of the ’60s, one Jimmy Griffin, then-future Bread co-founder (what on EARTH was he thinking!?) with “Try”. Including Fay & Gabby with a thinly-disguised Bobby Day cover (“Over and Over” …re-titled “Sweeter & Sweeter”). Including Stranger & Patsy singing “Gee”, not by the Crows. Also including a “Sly Mongoose” and a “Big Foot” (named “Lou” btw). A short, sweet 2Tone set took over at the top for the next 20, and then we docked with the Voov, where Sherwood B. Funn was holding forth. He had us floating to choice tracks from La Lupe, Koop. (Yukimi Nagano singing “Summer Sun” is always a welcome sound to these ears), Tipsy, Combustible Edison and more. Back on the Home Stretch, to this day we are clueless as to just who the fictional animated pop star Fizzy really is, but she sang the “Lollipop” this week. The 5@5:05 was British-but-not-2Tone, and just 2 songs before that, The Selecter, currently on Vocaphone, delivered “Doors Ever Open” which, all by itself, is reason enough to check out this week’s audio archive! String Theory is the band’s current calling card, and “Doors” is a stand-out among stand-outs on it. You can also hear Cabernet Deneuve do an entire song called “Half”, and Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra do footballing anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone” (it’s the adopted theme of FC Tokyo, in addition to being Liverpool’s theme from 1963 forward thanks to the Gerry & the Pacemakers version (and you get to hear this DJ make a monkey out of myself on-air by identifying the song with Man Utd., for which I stand duly corrected!) Now I’m gonna wrap this thing up, post it, and get ready to go see Jimmy Cliff at 1st Av. tonight. With any luck, “One More” will be the encore (“D’ya want ONE MORE???”) See ya there! Tune in and stay tuned.

A Special 35th Anniversary Pledge Day special on Global Beat… reflecting back on the reggae scene in Mpls. in 1978 – when KFAI first was heard. J.Otis Powell! sits in with Doug in honor of the 90.3 / 106.7 Frequencies — helping to raise XXtra special funds in honor of the birthday. Doug began his run with KFAI in its first year so he nears his 35th anniversary of making the global community present over the airwaves.

See play list below…..songs may not be listed in order of play.


Lila Ammons was my guest in the studio today. We played some songs off her forthcoming CD, The Nearness of You. She’ll be having a CD Release Party at Hell’s Kitchen on September 27. Also played music from Grant Green, Steve Turre, Lester Bowie, Miles Davis, Gil Evans, The Atlantis Quartet, Cannonball Adderley, and Mauricio de Souza. The 45 of the Week was Magic, by the Count Basie Orchestra.