Opening with a short set of Dylan covers, in a country-vein – then crossing the border south to Mexico for a couple Lila Downs' tracks.  After that I make a revisit to Sergent Garcia, a relatively unknown group with Spanish & French heritage, and a West-Coast group Ozomatli.  Then the old-school Panamanian salsero Ruben Blades, and the Fania All-Stars, along with other vintage Latino performers. The next set includes musicians from the Venezuelan Andes, and Spain.

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Every Sunday night mixing 80s and 90s tunes with Retro electro, modern funk and 80s influenced synth pop, SynthWaves airs with tunes from Night Raptor, Midnight Driver, Papillon Rising, Robots with Rayguns, Atom Force, Ka Bliss, Tronicboxx, Hot Lixx Paul Peterson, Stacey Earl, Steve Winwood and much more! 

 The rusty bedsprings in the old trailer home, down the road, a quarter mile past the sand pit. (608)