Man-handled: The Johnny Mann Singers and Herbie Mann.  All-American Glee Club Hack meets black shag bath mat chest.  (561)

The RSST Nutshell 5/19/16

A hard rockin' show with dance tracks from Afro-Latino styles from W. Africa, No. & So. America, as well as the Caribbean.

See Play List Below

The Urbane Spaceman spent a cycle or two in the air studio for Emel this evening. There were loud and soft things, remixed and reworked standards and challanging and recreational listening was availble to all. There was a nice set of hipped out story tellers and their beatnik adventures. From Sun Ra to Sun Ra on the playlist was a sound collage with many of those sources coming in and going retrograde throughout that time.  

Dream Fiend is the special guest check him out here https://dreamfiend.bandcamp.com .  Music on the show includes, SelloRekT LA Dreams, The Midnight, Diamond Field, Sunglasses Kid aand much more!