FACEBOOK page https://www.facebook.com/liquidsoulx/?fref=ts LSEX is a cornucopia of funky inter-galactic music incorporating rhythmic, global and eclectic sounds.Liquid Soul Experience /LSEX is a showcase of fusion, roots, reggae, dub, House, Afro-beat, rhythm and Soul from a DJ perspective

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RSST runs a numbers game in Opening Oldies! "One Mint Julep", "Tea for Two", "One, Two, Three", and "Four Seasons" lead off our count-a-thon, and the numbers get higher from there! The number 5 would have been absent from early ska-dom if Toots hadn't named his outfit "The Maytals" …May being the 5th month of the year and all. In fact, whenever I need 2 rapidly shorth& my playlists on paper 4 NE reason, "2ts-5tals" will occasionally B jotted down! Rest of the show: straight-up wingin' it!