Producer:  Janis Lane-Ewart 

Music Host:  Mark Koerner 

The RSST Nutshell 12/25/15

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Attention Dylan fans!

Producer:  Mike Fischbein 

Music Host:  David Cummings

News Host:  Robert Easley 

This Tues, December 23rd, I celebrated the holidays and the holy days by taking the listeners back in the day to the Christmases I experienced growing up in St. Paul. I played old school tunes and together the audience and I sent up a joyful noise so that, collectively, we can bring about Peace on Earth!


Music Host / Engineer:  Jean Silverberg

News Host: Anahita Ahrar

Producer: Xan Holston

Music Host: Brenda Bell Brown 

News Host: Booker Childress