2/11/2014 The Morning Blend

Music Host / Engineer: Jean Silverberg
News Host: Ryan Dawes
Producer: Ron Thums

2/10/2014 Radio Duende (aka International Jazz Conspiracy)
2/10/2014 The Morning Blend
2/8/2014 Collective Eye

A Tribute to Imamu Amiri Baraka with guest host J.

2/8/2014 Rhythm and Grooves

Thanks to Emily Krumberger for sitting in while I was on vacation. She did a great job, playing songs from folks like Art Blakey, Grant Greeen, Roy Ayers, Cannonball Adderley with Bill Evans, Vijay Iyer, Terri Lynne Carrington, and others.

2/8/2014 Mostly Jazz

Guest Host – DJ Lady Em

2/7/2014 Jet Set Planet

Episode #444: Mid-Winter Exotica Classic (with guest co-host Steve Kyle)

2/7/2014 Fubar Omniverse
2/7/2014 The Morning Blend

Hosts: Yvette Howie, Michael Cyrs, Bryan Treichel
Guests: Chadwick Niles Phillips
Programs: Cinema Shanty, Brain Talk, Versed Radio
Editors: Diego Ortega, Robert Easley
Reporters: Paul Brohaugh

2/6/2014 The Morning Blend

Music Host / Engineer: Mark Koerner
News Host: Trisha Collopy
Producer: Paul Brohaugh