Episode 538: Before you eat the last remnants of your lutefisk dinner from the port-a-sack attached to your colostomy bag, consider this:  no one tastes the fruits of love without eating a lot of lousy fish along the way.

Echoes of the OOIOO concert at the Walker and the gamelan focus of their recent album, Gamel, and a salute to KFAI's long-standing transition between electronic dance music and metal at 1 AM, when Strictly Butter makes way for The Root of All Evil. 

The RSST Nutshell 12/3/15

Opening oldies:  Teaching Lord Brynner to ska!  Sherwood's Planet: Meco-fied Star Wars!!!!!  The Home Stretch:  The "Lollipop" who was an Eskino, The Police in a Suitcase, and Fishbone at Ground Zero! (no, not OUR Ground Zero… but we can dream, can't we?)


Paul Fonfara & Ipsafendis

December 2, 2015