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The RSST Nutshell, Xmas Eve 2015 edition! Adam? …Eve? You can both come down out of Sir Lord Comic's sleeve now… it's time! Santa finds himself at risk of being cannibalized by an entire school choir, Roland Alphonso contemplates being a bell, and Dudley Williamson promises "Anything You Want." Raimon Kenbo has a "Monster Christmas" f'real… both Godzilla and Santa Claus turn up in the very first line of his song!


Technically we called this our last show but actually there will be one more but not actually "Live From Studio 5!".

Today I was joined in the studio by soul man Ronn Easton of Ronn Easton's All Star Revue. Together, we reminisced about our childhood Christmases and the music we listened to back in the day as our famililes got ready for Xmas dinner.

The list below spans the 50's, the 60's and the 70's. And please remember our sons, daughters, fathers, brothers and sisters-in-arms in the armed forces. These service folks are away from home and missing their families. Send a Xmas Care package if you can.