Alan O'Day – Love At First Night

Bell + James – Wind and Rain

Wham! – Nothing Looks The Same In The Light

Boz Scaggs – Miss Sun

Frank Stallone – Love Is A Light

David Roberts – Wrong Side Of The Tracks

Robert Lamm – A Lifetime We

Earth Wind and Fire – Fall In Love With Me *

Patti LaBelle – On My Own

Patrick Simmons – Why You Givin' Up?

Jerry Doucette – Nobody

Lee Ritenour – Cross My Heart

Ayers Rock – City Nite Life

Yasujo Agawa – LA Nights

Bee Gees – You Stepped Into My Life

A tribute to George Micael to start the show.
Then, alternating between dark & pop. Just like on ATB.
Enjoy, DJ SLT

Wham! – Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go 3:52

For Christmas Eve 2017, I played lots of seasonal songs, and had a phone interview with Maud Hixson, appearing at the Park Square Theater in The Soul of Gershwin. Today's music included songs from Don Patterson, Miles Davis, Mabel Scott, Lambert, Hendricks, & Ross, Connie Evingson, and more, including a couple of non-jazz numbers and a Chanukah song from pianist Jon Simon. As per my own Christmas tradition, there was a song about toy trains, and I ended with Bull Moose Jackson singing I'll Be Home for Christmas. 

No Business… No Business (592)


Again, the listings that don't have all the information, such as album name or record label, are the tracks that were played on the computer. The tunes with complete information come from CDs. I tried to mix spiritual Christmas music with inspirational world music to give a true sense of the meaning of the holiday. 

So, wish each other peace on earth, good will towards all men and when you are out and about this weekend….remember to shake a hand and make a friend.