Grant Wilson will be in the studeo and will be talking about wheelchair accessible taxi's.  How are they doing after their 2-year trial.

Spotlight: Spring FORWARD!! DSTDONE, 1st Day of Spring – DONE, Easter – DONE! Now: time for ACTION! James 2:17.

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Hosted by Terrell LaMarr y Miguel Vargas, with special guests Brandon Allday and Medium Zach of Big Quarters, celebrating the 10th Anniversary vinyl reissue of the 2007 release, Cost of Living.

Opening with a short set of Dylan covers, in a country-vein – then crossing the border south to Mexico for a couple Lila Downs' tracks.  After that I make a revisit to Sergent Garcia, a relatively unknown group with Spanish & French heritage, and a West-Coast group Ozomatli.  Then the old-school Panamanian salsero Ruben Blades, and the Fania All-Stars, along with other vintage Latino performers. The next set includes musicians from the Venezuelan Andes, and Spain.

Message in the Music

Exploring the music of Black America: the reason that keeps time with the rhythm and the rhyme.

Take note from the message of the talking drum, the field hollahs, the child's hand-clap game and the beatbox boom.  All is literature, set to sound.

Just another way to share some poetics during April, National Poetry Month.