Spotlight: VIVA LAKELAND!! Featuring 9 great independent Christian artists from the city of “swans!” Plus a special bonus!

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Hosted by Miguel Vargas y Terrell LaMarr, Guest Performance by Tufawon, featuring Bomba Umoya, and DJ Ganzobean.

For the first hour Larry Long came in to showcase his upcoming CD release – coordinated around his 65th Birthday Celebration concert at the Cedar on Friday Nov. 11.  We talked over his career and featured many of his favorite songs before leaving – for a rehearsal at The Cedar.  Check it out !

When has Kim Hines not been involved in theatre?  For nearly fifty years, she has been giving it her best as an actress, writer, director and coach to fellow theatre professionals.  It must be love.

Keep up with this busy woman 

Al Jarreau – Murphy’s Law

Joan Armatrading – Cool Blue Stole My Heart

Con Funk Shun – By Your Side

Ambrosia – Living On My Own

Collage – Winners and Losers

Patti Austin with James Ingram – Baby Come To Me*

Shuggie Otis – Island Letter

Ashford and Simpson – Love It Away

Bee Gees – Love You Inside Out

Funkadelic – Dr. Funkenstein*

Leon Hayward – Strokin’ I & II

Exile – Kiss You All Over*

Steely Dan – The Fez

Doobie Brothers – You Belong To Me

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The Halloween Show – I and Matt Werner spun spooky scary songs this Halloween night!


Wooden Overcoats, Episode 6 – Georgina and the Waves

A drunken lighthouse keeper pits Rudyard and Eric Chapman against each other in the strangest contest of their lives.  Created and Written by David K. Barnes. 

The Wooden Overcoats series has eight episodes in the first season.  The second season has begun and can be found at

Fears for Ears – The Rug