Andrea Bejarano-Robinson about the Disability Awareness March for January 11th 2017 which will be at the State Capital


Spotlight: Feliz Navidad 2016 Part Uno!! 15 diverse Indie Holiday songs; some classic, some original – all great! Not your typical Christmas fare!

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Best of 2016 – Part I: Hosted by Miguel Vargas y Terrell LaMarr, w/ curation assistance from Brenda Azueta. Stay tuned for Part II next week!

An opening celebration of the MN.-Cuba connection and Opening between the Cultures !  An upbeat track from the new release from Charanga Tropical, recorded in the Egrem Studios !  A few classics follow and lead into a regional premiere of a new release from La Habana – por 'Mas Duro'.  And a flashback to the Afro-Cuban Yoruba shaman who passed through St.

NOTE:  The original airing of this episode on December 6th was hampered by technical problems that prompted its re-broadcast tonight.