On the contrary, consider if you will three, balding, out of shape middle age men, squeezing into their varsity jackets from college, and staring at you – looking deeply into your soul.  Creepy eh? (559). 

PLUS Brigitte Bardot introduces us to Mr. Sun (yea, no more Mr. Cloud) and Horst Jankowski brings more than just his piano when we hear a tune off a production library record called “Jacques Offenbach Goes to Paris.”

The Way to Nice goes straight through here. 

<p>André Watson talks about what it is like to be a blind psychologist doing counseling, and the process he took to get there.</p>


PRAY THURSDAY!! In observance of the National Day of Prayer 2016. Ten songs all with the word “pray/prayer” in its title. “…pray continually,” 1 The 5.17

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