The recipient of the 2016 Most Promising Young Poet Award bestowed by the Academy of American Poets,

Saint Paul's born-and-raised poet Donte Collins recites from the heart

Old Rondo

What the Dead Know by Heart

Love Is Thicker

and talks about personal and community creative enterprise.

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Wooden Overcoats – Episode 1,  The Bane of Rudyard

Rudyard Fun runs a funeral home on the island of Piffling.  It used to be the only one, but Eric Chapman just opened a new one across the square.  Now Rudyard realises he has to do something rather drastic to stay in business.  A very silly series, episode 1 of 8, written by David K. Barnes. 

The Thing in the Woods – Act One Audio Sci-Fi

A post-armageddon story about a family fleeing an unknown danger. 

Music from Malawi, Angola, South Africa, Jammaica, Italy, Romania, Nigeria, Mexico/France, and more!