Charlene Doll speaks with Kelly Harrison, Training Manager, and Stacy Baden, Low vision Specialists of Triumph Technology

Spotlight: PUERTO RICO!! We highlight 7 of our favorite Puertorican artists (plus a couple surprises!) And we debut the MNSBC Mass Choir!

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Opening today's program with music from Annie Humphrey of White Earth – and then a couple choice tracks from local group, Gospel Machine in the first half hour. Moving right along — I play some Arabic & Ladino/Sephardic tunes as well.  Also a preview of the Bombino set at The Cedar this week and more songs from North Africa – all ending up with some more Latin sounds and a review of performers who've come through town recently.

The recipient of the 2016 Most Promising Young Poet Award bestowed by the Academy of American Poets,

Saint Paul's born-and-raised poet Donte Collins recites from the heart

Old Rondo

What the Dead Know by Heart

Love Is Thicker

and talks about personal and community creative enterprise.

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