Andy Streesick Will be in the studeo talking about the changes that will be happening with Metromobility, the twin cities paratransit for people with disabilities.  Do you want to have a say?  Listen in on how you can make a difference.


Spotlight: DEEP Cuts!! 10 songs plus 9 NEW plus 2 Artist debuts equals 1 great show! AND some more “COLOR!”

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LSEX is a cornucopia of  funky inter-galactic music incorporating rhythmic, global and eclectic sounds. LSEX is a showcase of fusion, roots, reggae, dub, House, Afro-beat, rhythm and Soul from a DJing perspective

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"Why not be judged for who we are, in our wide-open humanity?"

Activist•Author•Teacher Kao Kalia Yang


Intermittent readings by Kalia

reading from her latest book

The Song Poet: A Memoir of My Father

pearls of wisdom

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