Episode #513 – LPs brought back from a recent trip to Tokyo – the WORLD CAPITAL of vinyl record shops.  Glen explains how he was brought to his knees and left wimpering in the aisles and aisles and AISLES of vinyl in the Land of the Rising Sun.

{N} Artist's Making their debut on the program

Welcome to the sunshine of today and dig the music on this edtion of GPlenty

Chris Dronen pitched in as guest DJ and cohost today while I was down for the count health-wise. Thanks, Chris. 

Diabeties: Pam Koerner and DR. JoAnn Sperl-Hillen

THROWBACK THURSDAY!! The BEST of HOTCREPISODE 13 (10/16/14) “Songs of Faith”. Welcome new HOTCR artists Jessica Soto and Nate Sabin!

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