8/26/2009 Echo Chamber

Great new releases from Groundation:, Eric Blowtorch the Welders:, and Bandulu Dub: got the party started this week. This was followed up with new releases from Piratedub, Prezident Brown, MC Amarula Italik Dubree, Vibronics meet Abassi All Stars, and more. Finally, we featured a great mix of old school stuff called Cool Down the Pace from The Blends (aka the Drastics).

8/25/2009 Disabled and Proud

Daniel King Khazm Kogita – artist of the month

8/25/2009 Pam Without Boundaries

A stormy Tuesday morning started with the trumpet call of Hugh Masekela remixed on the second volume of the Verve//Remixed series, and ended with the contemplative clarinet of Dr.Michael White from his latest release, Blue Crescent. In between, we heard rock (like All Girl Summer Fun Band), laid back lounge-y music (The Postmarks), and even ska to get us up and out into the rain (The Selecter was On My Radio). We flow smoothly from one genre to another, featuring the best new music, on PWB.

8/24/2009 Jet Set Planet

I’ll have an Italian – yes, salt, pepper, and oil

8/22/2009 Temposphere

Yard Dog mix
with Brad Wrolstad

8/21/2009 Radio Antilles

RA 8/21/09 Edition

8/21/2009 Fubar Omniverse

6 AM
Several artists appearing at the Bloodshot Records 15th Anniversary Beer-B-Que
Ha Ha Tonka: Pendergast Machine (Novel Sounds of the Nouveau South; Bloodshot)

8/19/2009 Echo Chamber

Another eclectic mix of excellent new tunes…and a few old ones. New releases this week from: Roots Ista Posse:, Badda Skat:, Two Eye One Socket:, See More Perspective, Madness, Jah Seal:, Dubmatix, and more…