Pledge edition, pulling out all the stops, putting the pot on, and making it rain.  Just Pledge, Baby!

Episode #476 – Fall Pledge Drive with Ron Thums

BI-LINGUAL THURSDAY! With Titans Family, Maria Soto and Pastora Yolandita Colón. Plus Ryan Daniel, Jodie Sellers, Heather Deters, Kelli Rae, Josh Edwards, Heart Song and HOTC worship band! Also: 5 ways to enjoy HOTCR, funny responses to a bible knowledge test and “Light as a Feather” devotional. A true variety show!

Now is the time for you to show your support for your local community radio station that allows for unique programming such as RP to have a voice in the local and global media market place. Joining me in the studio is Rambo Salinas as we spin Chican@ rolas and Lowrider oldies for your pledges!

Another program filled with many new releases, and a number of vintage numbers. In the brand new release department: Dub Dynasty’s excellent new “Thundering Mantis” album (on Steppas); Tony Dubshot’s cool experimental dub release “Deep” (on Dubbhism); the very cool “Purple Reggae” album from Radio Riddler – a reggae version of Prince’s “Purple Rain”; the newly released “lost” album from Willi Williams (titled “Unification – From Channel One to King Tubby’s” on Shanachie); the sublime “Equanimity” from Tricky D (aka Dean Bagar) on BBE; the hard hitting “Freedom Fighter” single from Dub Gabriel & Ranking Joe; the slinky, low key “Adrian Thaws” album from Tricky; the “The Best of Boom One Records vol. 1”; a new track titled “Lest We Forget (2014 Mix)” from Trevor The Technician McKenzie; plus a number of selections from the new “Echo Chamber – Around the World in Dub vol. 5 & 6” on Dan Dada. The vintage tracks included two from the “Version Dread” album on Heartbeat, a bit of The Clash’s “Sandinista”, one from Janet Kay, plus two from the late Hopeton Lewis who passed away earlier this month. Many more things filling out the mix including Secret Panels vs. The Assessor, Misled Convoy, The Robustos, The Dynamics, Kalya Scintilla, Perfume, Jah Wobble & PJ Higgins, Black Market Brass, Rude Rich & the High Notes, and many more…

Chris Berry, organizer of Old Familiar Chime guitar festival September 19 at Turf Club, showcasing some of the world's best guitarists in folk, American Primitive and experimental, joined Spin with Cyn to share music of artists performing the festival, and artists from his labels, Soft Abuse, and the new Fruits and Flowers.