3/23/2010 Disabled and Proud

Music show

3/23/2010 Pam Without Boundaries

We got through the busy morning, thanks to Lucy Kaplansky for her time, and to William Franklin, Ryan Horton and Michael Holloway from the McNally Smith College of Music for coming in so early. We also said goodbye to a big star in the world of rock-n-roll songwriting, Alex Chilton, with Box Tops, Alex himself, and the Jayhawks.

3/22/2010 Jet Set Planet

If you’re into Spy tunes, then step right up. If organ mit organ is your kinda scene, then step right up. If guys wearing wigs fire your loins, then step right up. Step right up to the radio program that has reached deep into the back rooms of Thrift Store USA to bring you radio happiness.

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3/20/2010 Temposphere

Bracket Buster Mix

3/19/2010 MN Soundtrack

Hypstrz, Gay Beast, Buffalo Moon and more great locals spun by Jonathan Kennedy

3/19/2010 Radio Antilles
3/19/2010 Fubar Omniverse

March Madness!

3/17/2010 Echo Chamber

The great dub and roots just keeps coming… Tonight we debuted new releases from General Smiley (of Michigan & Smiley) and McPullish, Madtone, Gaudi, Joseph Cotton & Lion Stepper, Uffe, Splitz Horns vs. Dr. Vax, Fatima, Gorillaz, and Echo Ranks & Vibronics.

3/16/2010 Disabled and Proud

Repeat: Pat Fischer of Accessibility dot Net, and braille shop