None Nobler Mix

Episode #479: Don’t settle for the real genuine, authentic article, when a cheap, shoddy knock-off will do – it’s Jet Set Planet!  Come along for the ride!

What do the following song titles have in common:  1) Overweight Shark bait; 2) Elephant Shake; and 3)  Boston Bust out?  If you said they are all the end result of wolfing down not one, not two, but three submarine sandwiches in one sitting  on a cold afternoon in autumn, you’d only be half right.  They are also titles of songs that you will hear on this very program  

BOSA NOVA THURSDAY!! Closing out the show with the “unannounced” BONUS Bosa Nova “I Sing To You My Savior” after New Kids Choir! Plus debuting: River Valley Church Band and Lightswitch!

Miki Mosman, DJ at Third Bird October Mondays, singer, filmmaker and former KFAI news producer joined spinning World folk and eclectic from seven continents, and shared stories about the music. Legendary Willie Murphy and Maurice Jacox of Willie and the Bees sharing stories of their years as a big band performing phenomenal music making people dance, and preparing for their big reunion at the Cabooze Friday, Oct. 10.