Feature PresentationDecoder Ring Theatre's Mark Time Show Time series reimagines scripts written for live performance by the Great Northern Audio Theatre.  This week we have two from that series.  First off it's The Jewels of the 11th Generation, which has two disreputable space bandits sneaking aboard a long-lost generation starship looking for the rumored Jewels. What they find are children, pirates, broken computers, and plenty of squeaky toys.

During Episode #472, we visit the Red Sands of Mars;  we survive a shiver of sharks down under Australia way; we Dance the Dance of the Flaming Swords; we jump hurdles; run wild and do our best to live up to the last song we will play – Alan Copeland’s “You’re More Fun” – with the idea that just perhaps you’re having more fun when you listen to this radio program. 

Minna aka DJ Minna aka MC MZ spins two hours of music from Kenyan hip hop to Nigerian Afrobeats; mbalax-ified tassu to future zouk; Argentine digicumbia to French electropop. With a mind to recent events in the world and at home.

Plenty of dub, a few new items, and a great mix from Sassa’le tonight. First up was the sublime new “Anbessa Dub” album from Israel’s Zvuloon Dub System. This was followed by the “Reel 1 & 2 Adapted Chapter” rootical dub album from The Giants. Also new tonight was the psychedelic cumbia collection “La Psicotropia” (on Pakapi Records); the “Mark My Word” single from Joseph Cotton & S.O.A.P. (ft. PJ Higgins); and the track “Aura” from STWO. Another highlight tonight was “Mix Story – Part.1” mix from Sassa’le. From there we went around the world with Hollie Cook & Prince Fatty, the Meridian Brothers, Mexican Institute of Sound, Emel Mathlouthi, J. Boogie’s Dubtronic Science, King Ras John, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Shiina Ringo, Sly & Robbie, and many more..

Phantom Tails joined Spin with Cyn spinning songs from their "Rides Battalion" record they release this week, and songs from various other bands they've been in, and favorites. During the last half hour, I spun Turf Club SPMC music in tribute to recently passed music writer, Tom Hallett.