Chris Berry, organizer of Old Familiar Chime guitar festival September 19 at Turf Club, showcasing some of the world's best guitarists in folk, American Primitive and experimental, joined Spin with Cyn to share music of artists performing the festival, and artists from his labels, Soft Abuse, and the new Fruits and Flowers.

Feature PresentationRed Shift is a highly surreal audio experiment.  A polysci-fi religio-comic fantasy in five acts by Cat Simril, and presented to us from the Seem Real Theatre.  You'll find that it is impossible to follow, but that's not really the point, is it?  It's the journey, the language, and the questions, rather than the answers.  Performers include members of the Firesign Theatre, and cast from the Little City in Space and Shockwave, and many more.

Episode #475 Getting Sheared; Getting Gabored – during an Endless Bummer.  And who knew there was a cover version of a tune from the Seven Golden Men Soundtrack!

{N} – Artist's Debut on the Program

NEW ARTIST DOUBLE-PLAY! Our new worship “teachers” are back to sing again – all five! PLUS Cameron Wright, Lauren Becker, Sara Renner, Wynand Hansen, and HOTC Worship Band! Also “Heart Matters” and cuckoo for coconuts! Fun show!

DJ Miguel Vargas riding solo, and later joined by Sergio Mendoza (y La Orkesta) currently on tour with Salvador Duran to speak about his upcoming show at the Dakota, 9/15.