Tonight we headed to the moon…and off into space as part of our annual “Lunar Lunatics” special commemorating the first moon landing on July 20, 1969.

Episode #466: Flutastics and other blow-y things

Opening the show with the Budos Band, and offered tickets to their show at the Fine Line Thursday evening, tying them into the Afrobeat sound from W. African elders.

Another week with great new releases, and a very cool mix from the Marée BASS netlabel.  First up was the excellent new "Addis to Omega" album from Dub Colossus. I've been waiting awhile for this one – after being a part of the crowd-funding effort on  Certainly worth the wait!

Another big night of new dubwise releases, new world music releases, and even a track from Janelle Monae & Erykah Badu. First up was the excellent double-CD which is raising money for a good cause: “Help in Dub for Phillippines” (from Spirit of Umoja/Virlanie). I found out about this new dub compilation (compiled by Mighty Clem and mastered by Russ Disciple) on the Culture Dub site and bought it through Next up was the lovely new release just in time for summer – Hollie Cook’s album “Twice” (on Mr. Bongo). This one I bought through the pre-order at PledgeMusic – and my “pledge” got me the new album digitally, plus her first 2 albums sent via snail-mail. Another fresh release making its debut was the rootical “Suburban Roots” release from Dublaw (on Svaha Sound). More choice new releases tonight from Ricky Chaplin, Version Big-Fi, Thomas Blondet, Tribal Realities, Empress Ayeola, Daleth Karl ft. Joe Peng, Susheela Raman (the excellent “Queen Between” album), El Remolon, Violons Barbares, Dubsynaticx, and Teebs. And rounding out the show were grooves from Katchafire (who were just in town), LKJ, Dubcall, T.U.G.G., Kalya Scintilla, DJ Tricky Cris, Mickey Hart, Jean-Michel Jarre, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Ranking Ann, King Tubby, Androcell, and more…