7/14/2010 Echo Chamber

A lot of great sounds tonight…including 2 new EPs from Secret Archives of the Vatican a dubwise summer mix (“Dubble Trubble from Pete Cogle’s Podcast Factory); the soundtrack from Eric Hilton’s new film Babylon Central; and a couple of Michael Rose selections to commemorate his appearance at the 5th annual Bayfront Reggae Festival.

7/13/2010 Radio Pocho

“Gacho!” This episode explores the lost genre of Freestyle, Colombian Vallenato (cumbia), Soul and Funk, and Latino Hip Hop. Tambien, we give a shout out to the entire island of Puerto Rico. Look inside for more details and playlists ese.

7/12/2010 Pam Without Boundaries

This morning we enjoyed a visit from Nigel Egg:, dressed in pink and gold and bubbling with music. While he is likely truthful when he tells us you can’t sing the blues with an English accent, he proves you can still have a lot of fun, and make some subtle points about life, too. His CD release party was the following Friday, and you can catch him every Sunday, 2-5pm, at Dusty’s in NE. Check the playlist for the rest of the mix.

7/10/2010 Temposphere

Naked Brain Mix

7/10/2010 The Session

Blues, RB, OldSchool and Southern Soul.

7/9/2010 Jet Set Planet

Budget bin LPs from my travels to the Far East (ah, that would be Massachusetts)… PLUS new music from Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica Mini and the Waitiki 7.

7/9/2010 Radio Antilles