Episode #499: Steve Kyle and Todd Melby fill in for Glen (while he's on his hands and knees, digging for you, dear listener).


N=Artist's Debut on Program



Bringing a little aloha to [attempt to] usher in spring: Hawaiian and Pacific Island treasures from Molly Kala'akeahoho'imau's collection, and a visit with George Kahumoku, Jr, who was barnstorming Southeastern Minnesota before his gig at The Cedar.  

Music from Cuba, Lebanon, Argentina, Mali, Réunion, Spain, and more!

THROWBACK THURSDAY!! The BEST of HOTCREPISODE 16 (11/6/14) WOMEN OF WORSHIP!! 13 diverse, anointed female Christian recording artists bring praises to the King in a plethora of styles! VIVA LAS MUJERES!!

Hosted by Miguel Vargas and Kjerstan "Atzin" Ketter-Mendiola. You can follow Atzin as Xicananantli on Twitter and Instagram. Tune into Atzin's KFAI's International Women's Day program, Pachamama Radio

Radio Detectives, Old and New

The very first of the Captain Waverly Underhill mysteries from the Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater.  It's the Legacy of Uriah Pillar.  An excentric millionaire leaves a bizarre will, the terms of which set in motion a diabolical chain of events that lead to treachery, deceit and threefold murder.  Written by Steven Oney.