Feature PresentationCyber Bob and the Digital Nymph, from the Great Northern Audio Theatre.  Bob is the ultimate computer hacker, and he never uses two punch cards when only one is needed.  He's is hired to find the Cyber Goddess, the Digital Nymph.  He has a history with her, but he's dubious of the people who hire him. So he gathers his team and heads out on the digital deserts.

It's That time of year again and guest host Dave Roberts has just the thing to kick off that Holiday spirit, The Jet Set Planet Christmas Special! 

Your favorites of Spy Jazz, Crime Jazz, Exotica, Oven Mitt Organ, and Thrift Store Jems all Christmased up for your Holiday Pleasure!

So sit back, pour yourself some spiked egg nog and start trimming the tree Baby – Jet Set Planet Style!

Episode #486