2/10/2010 Echo Chamber

The Echo Chamber’s annual Bob Marley / King Tubby special…mashed-up with Valentine’s Day: The Tuff Gong & Tubby Love Dub special. Of course we had plenty of Bob Marley and King Tubby…but this year the format of the special expanded to include a number of cover songs (by CeU, Marissa Lindsay, Sinead O’Connor, and Rihanna). And then there was the “love” thing…

2/9/2010 Disabled and Proud

Musical Abilities – Flame

2/9/2010 Pam Without Boundaries

This morning we celebrated the 8th Annual Rejection Day, counter-Valentine’s Day special. This meant songs from Hank, Patsy, Richard Thompson and John Prine—they must be part of every year’s special due to their large catalog of sad songs of rejection. We also heard first-timers to the morning of misery, including Charlie Hunter, Juliana Hatfield and local group the Roe Family Singers debuted their new Radio Round-Up weekly segment on PWB. Check the playlist for more, and thanks for all the great requests!

2/8/2010 Jet Set Planet

A request for Ralph Burns, an Accordion set, and Montparnasse gold!

2/6/2010 Temposphere
2/5/2010 Radio Antilles
2/5/2010 Fubar Omniverse
2/3/2010 Echo Chamber

Another week filled with new dubs…alongside classic dub and roots. New releases from Citizen Sound, Richie Phoe, Vuelo meets Tony Dubshot, and KFAI’s own e.g. bailey (with his excellent “American Afrikan” album scheduled for release in April). Also…got a start on celebrating Bob Marley’s 65th birthday, and paid respects to King Tubby.