Feature Presentation – Continuing the story of Ruby Refreshed, Part 3.  Ruby, the Galactic Gumshoe, is hired to find out who is manipulating the media on Summa Nulla.  She is helped out by Professor T. J. Teru.  She runs into Frankies- artificial people, The Mole People, the Techno-witches – Offonoff and Onoffon, and many more.  It's the original Ruby from 1981 but with enhanced music and effects by Tim Clark. All from ZBS.


Episode #484: Tonight’s program features a half-dozen LPs taken directly from the pile of records that will eventually become the KFAI record sale.  German Hacks and an AMAZING Isaac Hayes LP. 

KICKSTARTER THURSDAY!! Celebrating successes and challenges of crowd-funding campaigns like Kickstarter and Indiegogo with Nate Sabin, newcomer Chris Steubing and Lauren Becker! And MUCHO mas!!