A very rootical show tonight…packed with great new releases. Got the party started with the fantastic “Life Ain’t Easy” (Dubmatix Breakbeat Mix) from the Hempolics, followed by the sublime “Reincarnation Dub” from JahYu. Continued the string of new releases with Black Roots, Peace Treaty, JStar, Etana, Profit, Pale Rider, I&I Livity, Capital Letters, Second Sky ft. Tina M., and Monaci del Surf. From there we moved into DJ Vadim, Earl 16 meets Manasseh, RafaRasBorie Dub meets Mexican Stepper, Jaqee, Radio Riddler, Banco de Gaia, The Bombay Royale, oots Tonic meets Bill Laswell, Up Bustle & Out!, Citizen Sound, Channel U, Alice Coltrane, Señor Coconut, Walter Wanderley, and still more…

Feature PresentationRuby Refreshed, Part 4.  Ruby, the Galactic Gumshoe has been kidnapped, and Professor T. J.

Episode #485 Have you ever witnessed an 18th Century Concept inside a 20th Century Bag?  Do you even know what that means?  Do I even know what that means?  Are we talking about grocery bags again? … Well who cares!