Episode #394 Jean Flies the Jet!

This week Radio Antilles goes LatinoAltROCK!, brought to you by Raúl Escobar, Pablo Miranda, and Emily. On this eclectic episode you will hear an interview with Grammy and Latin Grammy winner Lila Downs. We have music from Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, Spain plus brand new music from the Minneapolis Hip Hop Scene; including MasterMind, Crunchi Kids, Xavier Marquis, and deM atlaS… They’ll get you jammin’ with everything from rock, reggae, punk, ska, hip-hop, samba, dance, indie, and fusions of many Latino and world sounds.
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Wind, Snow, Ice, and a little heat

Music Host: Brenda Bell Brown
News Host Yvette Howie
Producer: Dale Connelly

WINGS-ku: Disabled Women in India

In India, blind girls and women are still often treated as disposable and are highly marginalized; women with mental illness have poor choices of treatment and no rights. The women in these interviews share the disabilities, but work for the advancement of their sisters and themselves.


BtW returns without a theme for the post-holiday malaise. JACK into the stream as we trawl the archives for user-submitted posts that run the gamut from rare Bob Marley demos to something called Sissy Penis Factory. I know! Even we are a bit overwhelmed by it all, especially since we weren't in the beautifully ramshackle KFAI Studio 1 last week.

Music Host: Mark Koerner
News Host: Flor Frey
Producer: Dale Connelly


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