10/20/2010 Echo Chamber

Tonight we debuted the excellent new ROIR release from Darryl Jenifer (bassist of Bad Brains) called In Search of Black Judas. This post-apocalyptic, subterranean dub album would be in good company with the best productions from Adrian Sherwood, the Wordsound collective, and DJ Spooky at his dubbiest. Other new releases included the rootical “Heart So Cold” from the Reggae Bubblers, as well as new stuff from Clinton Fearon, Victoria Moralez (the cool “Keep On Moving”), Mojo Morgan (“Million $ Check”), Missin Red, Chico Mann, and Lionyard.

10/19/2010 Radio Pocho

Those Goodies are Oldies! This episode of Radio Pocho is back to let you know, we can really shake’em down. Our mix of doo wop, bachata, salsa, funk and chicana rock will make yours a happy home. Hey even Morris Day comes through to ask for more a**ess wigglin

So come go with me because these oldies but goodies remind me of you.

10/18/2010 Pam Without Boundaries

New Ben Weaver, Lucy Wainwright Roche, and the Ben Folds/Nick Hornby project. And rest in peace, Eyedea.

10/16/2010 Temposphere
10/15/2010 Jet Set Planet

A Cross-eyed Cyclops, the Japanese Sandman, a Woman in Space, and Homo Eroticus will all make their appearance on tonight’s program.

10/15/2010 MN Soundtrack
10/15/2010 Radio Antilles

Dale Loomer substitute host for Johnny D

10/15/2010 Fubar Omniverse
10/14/2010 Disabled and Proud