#473 – Rediscovering buried treasure!

Classic voices of int'l. music's early years & a brand new Timba band from Cuba in town for a concert in Dinkytown recently.  A taste of Brasil and a trio from Kiev, Ukraine visiting the Dakota last night and tonite… Dakha Brakha.  Ending with a preview of Salif Keita and his expansive voice & repetoire, also soon coming to the Dakota, from Mali, W. Africa.

Mixing up old and new, dubwise and otherwise tonight. Started things out with the new “The Best of Boom One Records”, followed by the excellent new “Gold Dust” album from Earl 16 & Manasseh and the “Anbessa Dub” album from Zvuloon Dub System. To celebrate the upcoming show in Minneapolis, we did a set that included Black Market Brass, Chicago Afrobeat Project, and the legendary Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen. After the first hour, our pal Randy showed up and did a very cool set that included Paula Morelenbaum, Horace Andy, Orchestra Baobab, Psyco On Da Bus (ft. Tony Allen), Yabby You, and those crazy Meridian Brothers. More eclectic fun from: The Freak Fandango Orchestra, Lee Scratch Perry (from the new “Back On the Controls” album), Secret Panels vs. The Assessor, O. De Lanzac, The Clash, Stereolab, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Kalya Scintilla, Pale Rider, Keith & Tex, and many more

Turf Club booker Ryan O'Rourke and Turf manager Joshua James joined to talk about The Turf Club's near future artists and new renovations, as well as sharing stories of this legendary venue's past artists. They reopen August 28.

Feature PresentationDecoder Ring Theatre's Mark Time Show Time series reimagines scripts written for live performance by the Great Northern Audio Theatre.  This week we have two from that series.  First off it's The Jewels of the 11th Generation, which has two disreputable space bandits sneaking aboard a long-lost generation starship looking for the rumored Jewels. What they find are children, pirates, broken computers, and plenty of squeaky toys.