10/27/2010 Echo Chamber

All the ghouls, goblins, and dreads gathered with Dr. Seaton, Dr. StrangeDub, and DJ Baby Swiss in the Echo Chamber of Horrors! The good doctors of DUB cooked up quite a dark treat for their annual Halloween show. The scene was set with the spine tingling creepiness of Raz Mesinai’s “The Unspeakable” album and soundbytes from the movies “Dracula”, “Frankenstein”, and “Young Frankenstein”, and from radio theater pieces including the “Fugue in C Minor” featuring Vincent Price. With track titles like “Wicked Insane Evil Dub”, “Digging a Watery Grave”, “Ghost Town”, “Vampires and Informers”,“Dub House of Horrors”, “Catch Vampire Dub”, “Are You Monster?”, “Grave Robbers from Outer Space”, “Evildoers Stamp’d Out in Dub”, and “Iron Devil”, and with artists like Monster X, Omars Attacks, and Mad Professor, you gotta believe it was the night of the living Dread…in the Echo Chamber of Horrors.

10/26/2010 Radio Pocho

Stupid Books! Because it’s getting cold, we’re turning up the heat on this episode Radio Pocho. Grupo Bronco makes their premiere on our show alongside some other Mexican heavyweights Los Cadetes de Linares and Chalino Sanchez. Bronco conjures up memories of DJ Ren’s past!

But as always it ain’t Radio Pocho without some Funk Soul. Isley Brothers, Stephanie Mills, BB King, Xavier…with some much goodness it leaves us wondering….what cha gonna do with our loving?

We say goodnight with a sexy track by Felix Velasquez Oakland….
….can I make love to you again…sweet sweet love to you again in Oakland….

10/25/2010 Pam Without Boundaries

Thanks to Stacey Earle and Mark Stuart for calling in this morning, on their way to Iowa before hitting Minnesota and their home here, the Ginkgo. We also heard music from Lucy Wainwright Roche upon the release of her new album, Lucy, Jeff Ray Hurricane Harold’s new one, and the Roe Family Singers did an incredible and surprising version of the Misfits’ Skulls during this morning’s Halloween-themed Radio Round-Up.

10/23/2010 Temposphere
10/22/2010 Jet Set Planet

CD giveaway on Tonight’s JSP! When the bell tolls – YOU WIN!

10/22/2010 MN Soundtrack
10/22/2010 Radio Antilles
10/22/2010 Fubar Omniverse

Wedding bells and departures: Congratulations Angie and Jackson; farewell Ari Up and Mikey Eyedea Larsen

10/21/2010 Disabled and Proud