Episode #490: BEST vinyl finds of 2014 – with guest co-host Steve Kyle

Bucks and Ducks and Duduks and Rose Parade Floats and Naughty Sweetie Blues and a Greek Cinema party breaks out at the end. 

ALL-CHRISTMAS THURSDAY PART DOS!! Great “leftover” Christmas music with: Robert Robinson, Ken Wanovich, Tonia Hughes, New Song Kids Choir, Kimberly Brown, Dianne Porter, Heart Song and HOTC Band! You won’t hear this music anywhere else!!

Winding down 2014 inna Echo Chamber…and welcoming in a brand New Year! Tons of great dub & reggae as usual, and a number of selections that seemed appropriate for this time of renewal. Also, a super extended “Auld Lang Syne” mix which included versions of the classic from Ghetto Priest, 11 Acorn Lane, The Drastics, Eban Schletter, and Pink Martini. Happy New year dubheads!

This edition of Spin with Cyn pays homage to those musicians who've passed in 2014. There are also songs from local artists performing this week, as we say goodbye to 2014.