5/18/2010 Disabled and Proud

Jerry Munden from Prodigy will be talking about their project Count-A-Dose and other disability products for diabetics.

5/18/2010 Pam Without Boundaries

[img_assist|nid=27905|title=Duncan Maitland.jpg|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=170|height=113]
It was a fun 8am hour this morning as Duncan Maitland: was back in town and brought his brand new album with him. We listened to Lullabies for the 21st Century, gave away several copies (thanks, everyone, for playing Duncan’s trivia game), and Simon joined Pam in asking Duncan about the evolution of his songs. We also heard new music through the morning from Crooked Still, Gogol Bordello, and Flying Lotus.

5/17/2010 Jet Set Planet

You thought you were getting “A Night Out with Raoul” but instead you ended up with a poorly recorded, pedestrian version of “Frere Jacques.” But what do you expect from a CROWN record?

5/15/2010 Temposphere

Lady Miss Ian Mr Gosh do some house sitting in the Temposphere.

5/14/2010 Radio Antilles
5/14/2010 Fubar Omniverse
5/12/2010 Echo Chamber

Starting things off with some high-voltage new dubs from Tony Dubshot, followed by the excellent “Book of Psalms” from Kibir La Amlak, and “French Connection” from Perfect, this was one heavy show…

5/11/2010 Disabled and Proud

Tisha Sherdan and Murray Schmidt will be talking about the lymphoma leukemia Society.