Episode #498. " I Burp, therefore I am One." – Spock of Vulcan

PRAISE THURSDAY!! From southern gospel to rap to Latino, “Let ALL creation praise HIM!” Debuting Nanci Hernandez and The Jacobs Brothers!

Music from Zimbabwe, Jamaica, Hungary, Morocco, Congo, Israel/Ethiopia, and more!

Hosted by Miguel Vargas, Brandon AllDay, and special guest Stephanie Huss!

Kicked off the last show in February with the title track from the excellent new Zion Train “Land of the Blind” album featuring Jazzmin Tutum. Followed this up with new releases from Tiwony (from the “Roots Rebel” album on 7 Seals), Bryan Art, Black Roots, Mexican Stepper, Henry Wu, Carlene Davis, Kabaka Pyramid, Lalabela Roots & Sennid, Dub Agriculture & Ijahdan Taurus, Yabby You (from the excellent 3-CD “Dread Prophecy” on Shanachie), and Meklit & Dub Colossus. Also in Dr. StrangeDub’s set was a dubplate special on the Sidewalk riddim from the great DJ David Rodigan, and a track from the Haitian group Lakou Mizik dedicated to the group’s accordian player Allen Juste who just passed away this month. Finally, friend of the show guest DJ Automatic Slim (Randy) took over the controls for short set and selected some choice tracks from Medeski, Martin, Scofield & Wood, King Tubby/Soul Syndicate, Ted Sirota’s Rebel Souls, and Yabby You.

The after-the-half highlight was DJ Baby Swiss’ all-Merkaba-label deep-dubstep set featuring usual suspects Kalya Scintilla (Australia) and Soulacybin (Colorado), but also Mindex (Russia) and three choice cuts from Minneapolis’ own Bogtrotter! Check out that “El Bombo Atomico”>“Macaroni” mix (Tipsy>Perfume)… The fact that a city with the tragic history of Hiroshima could mere decades later grace the world with the crystalline sonic splendor of Perfume is one of those things that inspires this DJ to believe that we mere humans can overcome the obstacles before us and make it after all. We just need more artists and fewer generals.