LOCAL THURSDAY!! 7 REALLY local artists – all within just a few miles of our studio! Debuting: Tiffiny Contreras with a great bi-lingual classic. Plus our band’s Pine Ridge trip report!

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Founded in 2005 by Juillard graduate William Harvey, Cultures in Harmony (CiH) brings people together through music.

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Empire of the Air

Otherworld Media's adaptation of Tom Lewis' book, about the men who made radio.  The frustration and lawsuits involved between Lee DeForest and Howard Armstrong.  

Adapted and directed by David Ossman, produced by Judith Walcutt.  Featuring Steve Allen, David Ogden Stiers, John Randolph and Harris Yulin. 

The Natural Surrealist Convention

The Firesign Theatre's coverage of the convention and the Great Glutamoto's Monster Island attack on the Nix in 1972. 

New bhangra, Nigerian, Lebanese music, and more!