An opening set of modern music from the Arabian music scene – from Egypt & Jordan to No. Africa and France as well.  Then a set from Canadian veena blues player Harry Manx to Iowa poet Greg Brown.  Another couple tracks from Dee Dee Bridgewater's collaboration with Malian musicians, "Red Earth" – takes me into a set from Senegal & one track from Salif Keita as well.

HUGE night in the ol’ Echo Chamber! The biggest new release was the fantastic Reggae re-working of the Clash classic “Straight to Hell” as done by the great Horace Andy, the legendary Big Youth, the incomparable Eric “Blowtorch” Beaumont, and friends! So far our good friend Eric has only sent the track to this DJ, the great Don Letts, and Milwaukee man Paul Host! The track is set for a the vinyl (Fe True Records 12-inch single) release party at Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues in London on March 16th! On top of this big release we piled a bunch of new singles from the likes of Okinsanya, The Mighty Ginsu & Merk Sicksteen, Tribal Realities, Carl McDonald, Vibronics meets Conscious Sounds, Red Star Martyrs, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, (James) Whetzel, and Cudecode meeets Eno Pareita. The rest of program was a re-cap of 2016… Swiss and StrangeDub mixed of great 2016 releases from Dub Spencer & Trance Hill, The Process, Dred I Dread, Gentleman’s Dub Club, Dubby Doo meets Hugh Mundell Jr., HIRIE, Pale Rider, Hoku Aki, Jah9, AMJ meets RSD, The Skints, Annella (produced by Thomas Feurer), The Resonators, Relaxo, Trevor the Technician, Quantic, Bandulu Dub ft. Sammy Gold, Taj Weekes & Adowa, The Slackers, The Skatalites, Caravan Palace, Natty Nation, and more!

So nice, we had to play him twice!  HOSNY BRONX.  Play on, Playuh. Play on.

Judie Tzuke – Welcome To The Cruise/Sukirita

Sugarhill Gang – Bad News Don't Bother Me

Grover Washington Jr – Let It Flow (For Dr. J)

Bobby Caldwell – Coming Down For Love

Johnny Mathis – Simple

China Crisis – Bigger Than The Punch I'm Feeling

Atlantic Starr – Love Me Down

Herb Alpert – Kalima

Jerry Corbetta – Caribbean Lady

Forbes – What Do You Mean?

Barbra Streisand/Barry Gibb – Guilty *

Frank Bleu – Who's Foolin' Who

Franke & The Knockouts – Sweetheart

Big Trouble House founding members, Phil Harder and Derek Hoppe joined, spinning their music, collaborations and favorite artists. They shared stories about their band, Harder's music videos and filmmaking and more! We also spun artists who have passed in 2017.


The classic short story by Robert A. Heinlein, produced for the Dimension X series in 1950.  A generation starship where the society has forgotten they are on a ship.  Starring Mason Adams.

Drummer's Dome

The best new albums of 2016 featured on Foreign Currency!