Jennifer Menk from the YMCA who will be discussing aging adults staying healthy mentally, physically, and socially.

Spotlight: TROPICAL Praise!! This week, you may not GET all the words, but these RHYTHMS will have your heart (and feet) DANCING for the Lord!

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Hosted by Miguel Vargas y Terrell LaMarr

Didn't want to go tooo far into 2017 without sharing my new year resolution.  You know, that guiding principle or principles that one swears to stick too as they live the next 365 days to their fullest.  Wellll, I borrowed mine from my baby brother who got his from his former pastor and, Lord knows, this man was divinely inspired because the resolution is pret-ty sound.  Tap the "Listen Now" button and find out what I resolved for 2017.  You may be inclined to resolve the same.  Enjoy the music.


Michael James Band – Too Much Talk

Walter Lewis & The Blue Stars – I Have Love At Home

Lisa Dal Bello – Pretty Girls

Norman Connors – Black Cow

Mark Barrot – Brunch With Suki

Drugdealer – Suddenly

Country Hams – Bridge On The River Suite

Maze – Joy And Pain (Live 12" Version)

Shakatak – Don't Blame It On Love

Cool Notes – You're Never Too Young

Phillippe Wynne – Lisa

The Main Ingredient – Summer Breeze

Al Johnson & Jean Carne – I'm Back For More

Jim Hurt – I Love Women