5/29/2014 Disabled and Proud

Disabled and Proud was preempted for Native American programming

7-8pm: Ken Tilsen: A Hero in Indian Country

Hosted by David Tilsen & Laura Waterman Wittstock. Recorded interview with the late Ken Tilsen and a discussion with his son David who is working on a biography of Mr. Tilsen.

5-7pm: The Smoke Signal: Native Voices On Air

Hosted by Annette Joy. Traditional & contemporary indigenous music.

3-4pm: Honoring Women of the Oceti Sakowin - Winyanpi Wokiksuye (Remembering Women)

Hosted by Janice BadMoccasin.

4-5pm: Spirit Stories from Little Earth

Hosted by Thalia & Levina. “Spirit Stories from Little Earth” explores ghost stories in Native culture. Guests share stories about ghosts and spirits they heard and/or experienced. The significance of spirits in Native American culture & ceremony and why storytelling is important is discussed.


These 2 jerks (Dan & Travis) play all kindsa WEIRD OLDIES, PUNK ROCK, and even get a visit from those other jerks (the 78 guys) for a 78 Spotlight segment (along with a new jerk from a long time ago-what a jerk!).
You’ll hear lots of funny tapes, rock and roll jerks, shenanigans, and a bit these jerks have been doing since 1972 called “EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT A BAND IN 60 SECONDS.” Its a fantastic, shiny new episode of JERKED UP AND BONKERS for your ear holes in your head.

2-3pm: Igniting the 8th Fire: Modern Day Warrior Experience & Responsibility

Hosted by Deanna Standing Cloud. Native youth have a tremendous responsibility to carry their culture into the future. During our discussion, we will explore the legacy of colonization and how it has affected the well being of our families and communities. The multitude of issues in our communities all are connected to the 7 Fires Prophecy of the Anishinaabe people. Some of our youth do not understand how precious and powerful they truly are. I’m hoping with this discussion composed of myself, Charlie Thayer (another community leader), a respected elder and a Native youth will inspire our young people to wake up to the fact that they are tremendously important and they have a responsibility to ignite the 8th fire.

5/29/2014 Versed Radio

This episode features new music from Nitty Scott, K.Raydio, Jazz Spastiks & Ladybug Mecca, Little Dragon & Big Freedia.

Tune in & get versed!

1-2pm: Rosy Simas Danse: Traditions and Transitions

Hosted by Laura Waterman Wittstock. New dance work underway about Indian transition from the traditional world to the new ways – sometimes conquerable and sometimes confusing. Composer and other dancers will join Rosy.

12-1pm: Live From The Ave: Poets from SHORE STORY

Hosted by R. Vincent Moniz. An hour reading mixed with conversations with four Indigenous poets performing in the Emily Johnson curated reading SHORE. The poets will discuss aspects from their writing process as well the show they’ll be performing in at The Loft Literary Center.