The Martian Crown Jewels

Syaloch, a birdlike Martian who adulates and imitates the legendary Earth detective Sherlock Holmes, is hired to determine who stole the Martian Crown Jewels.  At stake are the friendly diplomatic relations of Earth and Mars.  Original story by Poul Anderson.  Produced by Brian Smith for Seeing Ear Theater.

The Grantha Sighting

Music from Reunion, Mauritius, Israel, Greece, Spain, Mali, Cape Verde, Bulgaria, Jamaica, and more!

On this Episode of "Soul Tools Radio" – Special Guest Host SHIMMER from KFAI'S Fresh Fruit/RARE Productions was hosting and played Hip Hop & R&B Music from the 90's Era. Such artists that were played were Outkast, Dru Hill, TLC & more. 


The Crate Diggers Lament (in Haiku form): 

Broken back brothers,

With bad breath and poor hygiene;

Too bad – sleeve’s empty.