Afro-Andean dance music, music from Argentina & Brasil – pertaining to recent film screenings @ 35th Annual MSP Int'l. Film Fest (

Next I follow up with music from another former Portuguese colony, Angola.  From Samba to Semba… including a Congolese dance version… ending this week's program with a new release from Cumbancha – Lakou Mizik's "Wa Di Yo", out of Haiti !

Mill City Sound owner Rob Sheeley joined sharing rare 45s and stories in advance of Record Store Day during the first hour. The 99ers joined at 10:45 – noon spinning their brand new single "Pop Punk Girl" in advance of the release party Thursday, April 21.

Visit New Grimston, Anyway

Rivals - one episode of the series on NPR from ZPPR Productions.  It's two young people who have recently broken up having to deal with each other in an office of the City Government of New Grimston.  Written and Produced by Andrew Joffe, George Zarr and Sarah Monatgue. 

Little Chills