Cookie Monster & The Crumbs Unlimited Orchestra – Me Want To Munch You Munch You Munch You

Larsen-Feiten Band – Who'll Be The Fool Tonight?

Foxy – Madamoiselle

Isley Brothers – Work To Do

Bobby Brown – My Dog The Outlaw

Bob Weir – Bombs Away

Al Jarreau – Thinkin' About It Too

Ted Gardestad – Back In The Business

Mari & Bux Bunny - セレナーデ

Romantica's Tony Zaccardi and Danger Dave Strahan joined Spin with Cyn, celebrating Romantica's forthcoming release, "Shadowlands."

Even the Queen

Connie Willis' Hugo Award winning story from 1992, directed by Yuri Rasovski for the 2000X series.  It's a conversation among female members of a family, with one young woman who has gone and joined the cyclists.  No, it has nothing to do with personal vehicles, it's more about certain cycles that are peculiar to women.  

War of the Cotswolds

New-to-me records from Ft. Lauderdal Florida (596)