Upon hearing the County Attorney's ruling in Jamar Clark's death – Global Beat presents sounds of resistance from the apartheid days in South Africa, coinciding with the return next week to The Cedar of Vusi Mahlasela, from So.

DJ Miki Mosman returned to Spin w/ Cyn. We spun "Originals vs. Covers: Who Does It Better," with votes and our reasons why, and encouraged audiences to call in to vote on their faves.

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Heartbreak is a Radio

Part 2 of the Firesign Theatre's Radio Is A Heartbreak Tour 2005.  Part One was the local radio KBIL in Billville.  Tonight we finish that part with Anythyng You Want To, and then go on to the corporate Radio Now from FunFun Town, including Ralph Spoilsport's New and Used Body Parts, Nick Danger, Art of the Insane, and CLub Firesign.  Featuring Philip Proctor, Phil Austin, David Ossman and Peter Bergman.