Hip Hop & Electronica

5/5/2007 Strictly Butter
5/5/2007 RSE Radio
5/4/2007 Radio Antilles

Fri 5/407 edition RA playlist

5/2/2007 Echo Chamber

If there is such thing as a typical Echo Chamber program, this would be one of those… A bunch of new dubs, some classic dubs, some choice roots, and a bit of worldbeat and modern jazz to complete t

5/1/2007 Pam Without Boundaries

The new releases featured this show were Joan Armatrading’s Into the Blues and the new one from Feist, The Reminder. We also heard visitors from Ireland Fran King and Duncan Maitland live.

4/29/2007 Tehuti: From the Griot to the MC


4/28/2007 Strictly Butter
4/28/2007 RSE Radio
4/27/2007 Radio Antilles
4/25/2007 Echo Chamber

Week 2 of the KFAI Spring Pledge Drive and the doctors of dub put together a heavy show: part 2 of Word Beat I Powa, plus new music from Up, Bustle, Out, Finn the Giant,