Hip Hop & Electronica

9/1/2007 Strictly Butter
9/1/2007 RSE Radio
8/31/2007 Radio Antilles

RA 8/31/07 Edition

8/31/2007 Across The Board
8/29/2007 Echo Chamber

DJ Baby Swiss flies solo inna Echo Chamber… The crazy Swiss flight included new stuff from The Drastics, Smokin’ Fuzz, Zion Train, The Pietasters, and Riddimates. Also a Dub Specialist (from Studio 1) set, a Lee Perry vs. Niney the Observer set, some Treasure Isle Dub and much more…

8/28/2007 Pam Without Boundaries

Big thanks to Pop Wagner:http://www.popwagner.com for joining me on the horse show edition of PWB. We heard lots of tributes to horses throughout the morning, and for the last half of the show it was all Pop as he shared many greats from his collection: Skip Gorman, Sean Blackburn, and Huun Huur Tu were some of the singing cowboys who helped us get along our little dogies this last Tuesday in August.

8/26/2007 Tehuti: From the Griot to the MC
8/25/2007 Strictly Butter
8/25/2007 RSE Radio
8/24/2007 Radio Antilles

Really got into The Sandinista Project cd on 00:02:59 records (#7 and # 25 on the playlist below). This cd is a cut-for-cut cover of the famous 1980 Clash 3 disc LP Sandanista and it’s pretty good. There’s been a bunch of Clash Tribute CD’s and this one is noteworthy because the covers are reinterpreted in creative ways while still doing what good covers do – capture the spirit of the original. It rocks !