Hip Hop & Electronica

5/30/2009 RSE Radio

DJ J Love The Soundsmith
B.I.G. Birthday Special

5/30/2009 Temposphere

Rapture of Ecstatic Time Mix

5/29/2009 Radio Antilles

Radio Antilles Playlist 5/29/09

5/29/2009 Across The Board

Mick Ronson Tribute pt. 5: Play Don’t Worry

5/27/2009 Echo Chamber

More excellent new releases…and a bit of classic material. Starting things off with the fantastic Lonely Ranger release by Urban Desert, and the sublime A Low High by All India Radio. Following up with new material from RSD (Rob Smith), B.R. Stylers, Volfoniq/Dr. Dub, Dubterror, and more…

5/26/2009 Pam Without Boundaries

Amanda filled in this morning with live guests Acting Normal and a great mix of music. Did you know when you aren’t hearing her anchor the Monday edition of the KFAI Evening News, that she is scouring music of all kinds for the best new tracks? Thanks, Amanda, for a great show.

5/24/2009 Tehuti: From the Griot to the MC

New releases show.

5/23/2009 Strictly Butter
5/23/2009 RSE Radio

DJ Plain Ole Bill
Soundset ’09 Special

5/23/2009 Temposphere

It’s the Doug the Thug Show!